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OEC—Outdoor Environmental Club; has its own house at 722 Clary St.

OK—do not use "okay."

ol'—use apostrophe (and no "e") when referring casually to "old."

officessee departments, nonacademic

Omicron Delta Kappa—national honorary scholastic society for students of the classics.


Order of the Golden Hoods
—consists of all Beloit College alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago. Alumni are inducted into the Order at their 50th reunion. The tradition of bestowing a golden hood on alumni began in 1964, when members of the class of 1914 became the first inductees.

Laurence Ousley Circle—a gift club within the Chelonian Society for donors giving $10,000-$24,999 annually.

Outdoor Environmental Club (OEC)—special-interest group that has its own house. See appendix.

overseas seminars—the word "seminar" is no longer used to describe study abroad programs.