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National Register of Historic Places

National Science Foundation Fellowship—NSF Fellows are chosen from a national pool of students for a three-year fellowship.

Native American—also Indian. Include modifier, such as American Indian, and, when possible, be precise and use the name of the tribe. The term Indian should stand alone to refer to the builders of the mounds on campus.

Neese Family Foundation, Inc.—a Beloit-based foundation founded by the Neese family in the late 1980s. The family founded the Beloit Corporation, and the company's CEO, Elbert Neese, served on the college's board of trustees.

Neese Performing Arts Complex—includes the 300-seat Neese Theatre, the smaller Kresge Theatre, a costume design shop, and other theatre, classroom, and lab facilities. See appendix.

Neese Scholars—top graduates of Help Yourself's Pre-Collegiate Program who are now enrolled at Beloit College.

Newark Road Prairie—32.5 acres of virgin prairie northwest of campus used as an outdoor classroom and laboratory. See appendix.

newspaperssee titles, composition.

New Student Days

nicknames—list nicknames, surrounded by quotation marks, only when the formal and preferred names are unexpectedly different. (OK: William "Buzz" Smith; AVOID: William "Bill" Smith)

No.—use this capitalized abbreviation for number when referring to a position or rank. (Examples: No. 1 city in America; No. 3 choice)


nonprofit—no hyphen. Depending on the organization, "not-for-profit" may be preferred. Refer to Beloit College as an independent college (nonprofit for postal purposes).

noon—use this rather than 12 p.m.

north lounge, WAC—its formal name, the Baldwin Room, is rarely used; north lounge title is descriptive and, therefore, should not be capitalized in prose. See appendix.

NSF—National Science Foundation.

numbers—(see also No.) in general, spell out zero through nine (and first through ninth) and give numerals for 10 and above (10th, etc.). Fractions, such as two-thirds, should be spelled out. If paired with a whole number, use the decimal system: 2.25. Percentages, measurements, GPAs and ages should always be represented by numerals. Headlines: use numerals, even for 1-9.