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language lab—in the World Affairs Center. See appendix.

Lathrop Herbarium—formerly a room in Chamberlin Hall that housed mineralogical and botanical collections, many of which were part of the original college cabinet for the teaching of the sciences, including anthropology. See appendix.

Latino/Latina—refers to a person (based on gender) whose ancestors come from Latin America. Latino-American is the common reference (regardless of gender) to U.S. citizens from Latin America.

Learning Enrichment and Disabilities Services—an academic enrichment center, which offers tutoring services and resources to Beloit students, and support services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Located on the second floor of Pearsons Hall. See appendix.

LEED—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a voluntary rating system that sets standards for developing high-performance sustainable buildings, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Beloit's Center for the Sciences attained platinum-level LEED certification.

Marjorie Brown Leff'33 Circle—a gift club within the Chelonian Society for gifts of $5,000-$9,999 annually. Leff was an alumna and former professor of music theory.

Legal Professions Advisory Committee—a committee of faculty that advises students interested in law school.

L.H.D.—Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Try to be explicit in the text that this is an honorary degree: He received the honorary L.H.D. Degree

liberal arts and sciences college
—this wording is preferred to reinforce the idea that our liberal arts college includes strong science programs.

Liberal Arts in Practice Center--the name of the building at 703 Emerson St. as well as the umbrella term for the programs located there, which focus on opportunities for students to practice what they learn. The Liberal Arts in Practice Center contains Career Services, the Community-Based Learning Center, and the Campus and Community Outreach Center.

library—use lower case in generic use and when speaking of the Beloit College library. Formal title—the Col. Robert H. Morse Library and Richard Black Information Center—should be used in formal presentations and in fundraising materials. It may also be referred to as the Morse Library and Richard Black Information Center (Black's full name should be used). The library also houses the Beloit College Archives and the adjoining Paula Black Seminar Room.

Life Chapin—before 1981, this honorary gift club membership was awarded to some donors because of their special generosity.

life trusteesee board of trustees.

limnology lab—see Smith Limnology Lab. See appendix.

live stream--two words as a noun.

live-streamed--hyphenate as a verb and as an adjective; live stream (two words) as a noun.

LL.D.—Doctor of Laws degree. Try to be explicit in the text that this is an honorary degree.

Logan Museum of Anthropology—Logan Museum (or the museum) on second reference; never Logan Anthropology Museum; housed in Memorial Hall. See appendix.

Lockwood Director—formal title is James E. Lockwood Director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology. Bill Green currently holds the Lockwood Director position.

longtime—one word as an adjective.

low-tech (adjective)

lower level—preferable to "basement."