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ID—do not use periods when referring to identification. (plural: IDs)

IFPC—interfraternal panhellenic council, a group of representatives and leaders from all the fraternities and sororities that meets every week.

ISR—on-campus reference to the Information Services and Resources Division.

incorporated—capitalize and spell out or abbreviate (Inc.) according to a company's official title. If that's unclear, abbreviate. Precede with a comma except when writing for the press. See commas.

Indian—use a descriptor, such as North American, unless referring to someone from India. Native American is also suggested.

Indian mounds—use Indian when referring to the mounds on campus. Built between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1000 by Woodland Indians, the 23 mounds on campus are conical, linear, and effigy-shaped.

initials—use periods and no space between initial letters of someone's name

Initiatives program—designed to support students during their first four semesters, this program for first- and second-year students features the First-Year Initiatives (FYI) Seminar, integrated advising, New Student Days orientation, optional courses designed to encourage exploration, and the Venture Grant program. Formerly known as two separate programs: First-Year Initiatives and Sophomore-Year Initiatives.

innercity—no hyphen.

Intercultural Center—located on on the ground floor of 609 Emerson Hall, this center is maintained by the Intercultural Affairs Office, which exists to promote intercultural understanding, growth, and awareness.

interdisciplinary majors—biochemistry, comparative literature, critical identity studies, environmental studies, health and society, interdisciplinary studies (self-designed).

interdisciplinary minors—African studies, Asian studies, critical identity studies, environmental studies, European studies, health and society, interdisciplinary studies (self designed), journalism, Latin American and Caribbean studies, law and justice, Medieval studies, museum studies, Russian studies.

International Education—an umbrella term that encompasses study abroad, exchange programs, and campus programming (the former term was World Outlook Program.)

International Education Week—a national event observed by Colleges across the United States. Beloit observes it through a week-long series of activities and events.

International Performing Arts & Lectures Series (IPALS)—spell out on first reference. Note the ampersand in the official name. This series was cancelled as of the fall of 2010.

International Student Symposium—held for the first time in Nov. 2002, an annual event fashioned after Symposium Day, but focusing on students' international experiences.

Internet—note capitalization.

intramural sports/intramurals