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Hales Gallery—gallery for student art exhibitions; always tell the reader it is located in Pearsons Hall. See appendix.

Hall of Flags—central lounge in the World Affairs Center. See appendix.

Hancock Fieldsee Strong Stadium Athletic Complex and appendix.

handicapssee disabilities.

Hanukkah—this spelling is preferred over Chanukah.

Walter S. Haven Circle—a gift club within the Chelonian Society for donors of $2,500 to $4,900 annually. Walter Haven was the first donor to the Alumni Fund, his era's equivalent of the Beloiter Fund.

headlines—capitalize the first letter of important words in a headline, including multiple words in a hyphenated construction (Example: Fund-Raising Goal Achieved in Nick of Time) When using quotation marks in headlines, use single marks instead of double. Shortcuts, such as numerals and %, are acceptable.

health care—two words. When used as a compound adjective (health care provider), do not hyphenate it; one could argue that each modifier could stand alone and that the connection between the words is clear without a hyphen.

Health Center—in Porter Hall. May be capitalized for on-campus publications but one could argue that it is generic enough to be lower case. See appendix.

Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)—faculty, alumni, and area health professionals who offer educational insight and shadowing opportunities.

Help Yourself—this is the umbrella organization of Beloit Academy (for grades 4-8) and the Pre-Collegiate Program (grades 9-12). Provides after-school tutoring, classes, and summer learning opportunities for more than 100 low-income Beloit-area youth. Help Yourself is funded by the college and state resources. The word "program" (lower case) is optional. See also TRIO Department.

Hendricks Center for the Artsopened in the fall of 2010 in downtown Beloit at the corner of Grand Ave. and Pleasant Street. The building was most recently the city's public library. The center is named for the donors, Diane and the late Ken Hendricks (avoid Hendricks family as a construction to refer to the donors). The 48,000 square-foot building provides a centralized home to the college's dance and music programs, and features four studio classrooms, a state-of-the-art film classroom, faculty offices, rehearsal rooms, and design and staging labs.

Heritage Society—former name of a gift club. It was renamed in 2013 to the James E. Duffy'49 Society, which recognizes people who make deferred gifts to the college.

HHMI—Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

high-tech (adjective)

Hispanic—a person whose ancestors come from Spain. See Latino.

historic—when preceded by an article, use "an" (an historic day).

Historic Places, National Register of

holidays and holy days—capitalize official well-known celebrations. (Examples: Christmas Day, Fourth of July, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine's Day)

Hollensteiner Gallery—a climate-controlled gallery located in the Wright Museum of Art. Formal name is Wanda Hollensteiner Gallery. It opened in the fall of 2009.

Reunion Weekend—this formal reference is preferred, using capitalization and slash. Capitalize it as long as it refers specifically to Beloit's event.

home page—two words.

honorary degrees—LL.D. degree is the Doctor of Laws degree, and L.H.D. degree is the Doctor of Humane Letters degree. Try to be explicit in the text that these are honorary degrees. To refer to honorary degree recipients on first reference, list them this way: the name, the year the degree was awarded, followed by Hon. (e.g. Marvin Weissberg'05 Hon.)

Honorary Alumni Award—given by the Beloit College Alumni Association in honor of service to the college and the Alumni Association.

honorificssee titles, subsequent reference.

honors term—outstanding students may apply for Honors Term Scholar Awards and Honors Term Service Awards to continue their study for an additional term beyond graduation.

Honors Day convocation—a spring event to award academic honors. In prose, do not capitalize "convocation."

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)—a medical research foundation based in Chevy Chase, Md.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Young Scholars Project—offers six-week research projects to incoming science students to work with Beloit faculty during the summer before the students' first year at the college.

Hull-Dyson Center—house near the library once used for a day care center. See campus facilities appendix.

Human Resources Office—note plural. See campus facilities appendix.