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Gazebo for One Anarchist, Emma Goldman (1991)—sculpture by world-renowned artist Siah Armajani. Subsequent reference to the Gazebo is acceptable. The title refers to a Russian-born anarchist who rejected all institutions of force and all violent means of exploitation. The work was first loaned to the college in 1993, but in 1996 the artist made it a permanent gift. It is situated just a few steps southeast of Middle College. See appendix.

gender—be non-specific when possible without creating cumbersome forms. Examples: staff tend the phones (not man the phones), chair (not chairman or -woman, unless part of the official title for that person), spokesperson, sales representative, business owner/entrepreneur/retailer, etc., actor (may be used for both genders), master of ceremonies (may be used for both genders); firefighter, police officer; fellow as adjective (fellow alumni) may refer to both genders.

gift clubs—see entries for The Walter S. Haven Circle, The Marjorie Brown Leff'33 Circle, The Laurence Ousley Circle, The Harry C. Moore Circle. Each is a gift club based on ranges of support under the Chelonian Society, formerly known as the Chapin Society.

Ginsberg Family Artist-in-Residence Program—established with a gift of Stuart Ginsberg'82 and his wife, Lisa, to bring distinguished individuals or groups to campus to teach, conduct workshops, or perform/exhibit works.

Girls and Women in Science program—Beloit College students organize this annual weekend event mixing sixth-grade girls, their parents, teachers, and Beloit College science students (mostly female) in problem solving and active science investigations on campus. The word "program" is optional. Acronym is GWIS.

GIS Lab—the acronym stands for geographic information systems. The GIS Lab is in the Center for the Sciences.

Godfrey Anthropology Building—does not include the Logan Museum, just the classroom and office section of the newer building. See appendix.

Gold, the—Beloit College yearbook. Formerly known as the Codex.

Gold Circle—gift club of $500 to $999 annually.

Golden Hoods—see Order of the Golden Hoods.

The Gottschall site—a sandstone rock shelter containing ancient pictographs and sculpture in southwestern Wisconsin, managed by Professor Emeritus Robert Salzer, but not a Beloit College program.

GPA / grade point average—no hyphen because the noun is "point average." Acronym is GPA (no periods).

greenhouse—in the Center for the Sciences; it no longer carries the Wood name. See appendix.

Guest House—capitalize this reference to the Blaisdell Guest House (sometimes called the Beloit College Guest House). Located on the corner of College and Chapin streets, it features three apartments for short-term rent. Its original name was Blaisdell House. See appendix.