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Faces at Beloit—an online collection of student photographs available only to those with an employee password.

Facilities Office--the name of the college department and office formerly known as the Physical Plant.

faculty—when used alone, treat it as a singular noun ("our faculty is the best"). When referring to the people who make up the faculty, say "faculty members."

fall break—use midterm break instead.

fall convocation

fall semester

Fast Forward: The Campaigns for BeloitersThe name (use italics) for the set of modular fundraising campaigns officially launched in November 2012. Note the plural in the word campaigns because it encompasses fundraising for multiple projects.

fax—use lower-case letters (or capitalize the first letter if starting a sentence or line of formatted text with it). Do not use all caps.

Fergusson Collection of Napoleonic Art—a collection in the Wright Museum of Art named for donor Charlotte Fergusson.

Victor E. Ferrall, Jr. Endowed Artists-in-Residence Program—brings an artist to campus annually. It is named for Beloit's ninth president.

fiber-optic network—also known as fiber optics and the fiber-optic computer network (note hyphen when used as compound adjective).

Field House—the original part of the Beloit College Sports Center, with the indoor track; formal name is Marvin Field House.

fireplace lounge—instead, call it the MI lounge (generic, therefore lower case); it is on the second floor of Morse-Ingersoll Hall.

first-year student—use this instead of freshman.

fishing bridgesee Wood Family Fishing Bridge.

Flood Arena—the basketball/volleyball area of the Sports Center. See appendix.

Folk 'n' Blues Festival—two apostrophes (both facing the same way) to replace two lost letters in "and." Student-organized two-day music festival held in early fall.

foreign words—italicize those that are not common English expressions. Many previously foreign words are now accepted as part of the English language and should not be italicized, such as alma mater, rendezvous, spiel.

Founders Day—Beloit College received its charter on Feb. 2, 1846. Classes began Nov. 4, 1847. Carroll College was the first college in Wisconsin to receive a charter, but Beloit College has been in longer continuous academic service. Carroll's current charter is not the same as its original, which was dated January 31, 1846, and instruction was suspended several times during its early history.

fractionssee numbers.

freshman/men—use first-year student(s) instead.

Frisbee and Frisbee golf—capitalize the trademark name of a flying disk.

FS&P—Faculty Status and Performance Committee of the Academic Senate.

Fulbright Program—the two main categories for U.S. applicants/recipients of these awards for international educational exchange are the Fulbright Student Program (for graduating seniors, young professionals, artists, and graduate students) and the Fulbright Scholar Program (for faculty and professionals).

Faculty and professional recipients are called Fulbright Scholars, a term that is often erroneously used for students. (FYI: Most other student scholarship programs refer to students as scholars.)
Recipients of the Student Program awards do not have a formal reference. Instead, simply say the person is a Fulbright student, a Fulbright award-winner, was awarded a Fulbright grant, or received a Fulbright award.
The programs are administered by the Institute of International Education.


fund raising / fund-raising—two words as noun; (I work in fund raising.) hyphenated as adjective. (a fund-raising event)