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Beloit College Style & Resource Guide

The Beloit College Style and Resource Guide is a tool that helps achieve consistency and accuracy in written Beloit College communications intended for external audiences. The word “style” simply means usage preferences. Beloit’s Style and Resource Guide is based on Associated Press (AP) style for common usage, but supersedes it to address issues that relate solely to Beloit. (You can find out, for instance, the accurate name and spelling of the Hendricks Center for the Arts, or the proper, formal title for an academic chair named for a specific donor.) A sample of the Style Guide entries for the letter "A" follows. Click on the letters of the alphabet below to find answers to your questions, or click on the overview for answers to common questions. A separate section pertains to campus facilities. 

Style and Resource Guide Overview / Beloit College Style for Campus Facilities 


AST—abbreviation for Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.

academic dean—see dean of the college.

academic degrees—when speaking generally, use doctorate, bachelor's degree, master's degree (note use of apostrophes). Specific academic degrees should be capitalized (ex: Bachelor of Arts degree); when abbreviated, they should include periods: B.A. degree, B.S. degree, M.A. degree, M.S. degree, M.D. degree, or Ph.D. degree.

Academic Achievement Programs—see TRIO Department.

academic honors—see Honors Day convocation.

Academic Senate—avoid reference to Faculty Senate because students and staff also make up the Academic Senate and its myriad committees.