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Senior Profiles

Congratulations seniors! Your impact on Beloit and those around you has been extraordinary. See all profiles. →

Thanks to the Office for Student Success, Equity, and Community for leading the effort to highlight the class of 2022.

  • <div class="row"><div class="col-sm-6 senior-image"><img src="/live/image/gid/124/width/600/height/600/crop/1/src_region/0,0,526,526/9572_Delilah_Paniagua.rev.1651777813.jpg" class="lw_no_picture" alt="" loading="lazy"/><p><strong>Delilah Paniagua</strong><br/>Hometown: <strong>Milwaukee, Wisconsin</strong></p></div><div class="col senior-detail"><h2 class="senior-name py-2 m-0"> Delilah Paniagua </h2><div class="senior-info"><div><em>cum laude</em></div><strong> Education and Youth Studies</strong><br/>Spanish Minor <p class="hometown">Hometown: <strong>Milwaukee, Wisconsin</strong></p></div><div class="senior-awards"><a href="/commencement/prizes-awards/?name=Delilah Paniagua"><ul><li>Clarence R. Von Eschen-Lysle H. Steele Endowed Education Award </li><li>Phi Sigma Iota </li></ul></a></div><div class="senior-quote"><em><p> “I’m extremely proud of Delilah. First of all, for attending College and sticking to it. I know it hasn’t been easy. I can definitely say I’ve seen you go through many challenges throughout your four years in Beloit. Yes, perhaps, I’ve told you here & there to suck it up, ( my apologies if the word suck is not allowed- please edit if necessary) but you know my intentions are always good; and at end of the day, week, month, semester; you passed- you survived. As you already know, at your age, I was a mother of two, no College degree, working full time & struggling. So this is why I’m constantly pushing YOU to do better! to be better! Get your career going. Travel. However, I wouldn’t change my past for the amazing moments that you’ve given me in every way, shape and form. Yes, I know you had those moments where you wanted to give up & you felt that College wasn’t for you. But as long as you have me as your back bone, you’ll be fine. You’ve earned your Degree. This is for you and no one else. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. This is only the beginning baby. SI SE PUEDE!!!” -Gabriela Rosillo</p></em><div class="m-3 clearfix"><a href="/commencement/senior-profiles/index.php" class="d-inline-block pull-right"><i class="fa fa-refresh fa-2x"/></a></div></div></div></div>


The Beloit College Class of 2022

Khadiza Ali
Cameron Alonso
Rachell Alvarado
Samuel Ankeny
Senna Apicelli-Abel
Emma Armstrong
Abdul Aziz
Kelli Badgley
Cindy Bahena
Rahul Basu
Margaret Baugh
Deepakshi Bhardwaj
Molly Bloom
Trevor Bond
Dakota Booher
Joseph Breiter
Connie Bronson
Hunter Brown
Anna Bunzel
Litzy Carranza-Torres
John Castro Flores
Jane Champagne
Isabel Chávez
Cindy Chen
Yoon Jin Cheong
Guadalupe Cisneros-Aguilar
Syd Clark
Ocean Clevette
Owen Clexton
Emily Clinkscales
Owyn Colwell
Jasmine Contreras Rodriguez
Ericka Corral
Deanna Corrow
Timothy Cotter
Matthew Crandall
Leeland Crum
Emma Davis
Charline Davis-Alicea
Liam Day
Julien de Channes de Jouvancourt
Edith Degreenia
Aralee Derflinger
Duke Ding
Anna Downing
Makenna Downing
Jack Dunbar
Deo Edwards
Jack Eldred
Matthew Elliott
Sam Erickson
Zoe Figert-Kerl
Alyssa Flores-Tirado
Ahnika Franklin
Robert Franklin Jr.
Drew Freitag
Emily Fulcher
Charlotte Fulkerson
Tenajh Gaitor
Anirudha Gajula
Umang Garg
Dean Gatsis
Bipin Gc
Kelly Go
Abney Good
Taylor Goodyear
Regina Guehlstorf
Chloe Hain
Kelsey Hames
Maura Hanley
Joseph Harun-Delong
Elaina Heaton
Shawn Helton
Brice Henthorn
James Hicks
Phuong Hoang
Madeline Holicky
Aaron Holzmueller
Ian Huang
Madison Hudson
Laura Hughson
Nguyen Huynh
Julia Urim Hwang
Je’Mia Irving
Ian Jacobs
Ethan Johanningsmeier
Nathaniel Johnson
Branda Joseph
Hannah Kang
Zhao Kang
Hardika Kashyap
Rhiannon Keen
Elizabeth Kelly
Luke Kindle
Logan Kirk
Ramsay Kloser
Trevor Knepp
Grace Lafferty
Zhenghao Lai
Drew Landoch
Nathaniel Lemke
Wen Li
Kathryn Linton
Jonathan Lombardo
Stephannie Lopez
Leila Mackey
Zoe Mackey
Vy Mai
Andrew Marchesi
Kenneth Martin
Chesity McDaniels
Nicolas McEnteer
Dallas McKinney
Laura McLean
Christianna Melton
Hozaifa Mir
Allison Moerer
Lai Chia Moua
Mikayla Moyer
Desire Mukucha
Sakshi Mundhra
Lily Neal-Boyd
Nayomi Neelangal
Hue Nguyen
Jessi Nguyen
Quan Nguyen
Breanna Noack
Keelin Norman-Klatt
Sophia Nowak
Stella Ivy Obeng-Darko
Yolanda Odufuwa
Ky Oh
John Oh
Scott Olsen
Steph Osten
Emily O’Brien
Padyn O’Keefe
Ruari O’Naughton
Delilah Paniagua
Sumin Park
Andrew Parnell
Dylan Pawlak
Macy Pedersen
Andrew Pekny
Sonali Pendharkar
Jagos Perovic
William Peterson
Nico Petroccione
Madison Pfortmiller
Dung Pham
Maximilian Podkopal
Filip Polechonski
Trent Porter
Swaroop Poudel
Katherine Powers
Yujiang Pu
Martina Pulido
Kehuai Qiu
Laura Quintero
Tony Renzema
Karolina Richins
Leo Rivera
Sahil Rizal
Gisela Sarabia Sandoval
Silas Say
Alana Schacher
Joshua Schilling
Juliet Schmidt
Elsa Schroeder
Grace Scott
Harper Scott
Jane Sebastian
Toryn Seeberger
Josh Shapiro
Mackenzie Shawback
Thomas Silk
Gabrie Simmons
Greer Simmons
Bhavya Singh
Hope Smith-Taylor
Steven Soli
Olaf Sorenson
Grady Spencer
Josiah Spivey
Chris St. George
Emma Stoner
Chamnan Suon
Kaitlynn Taft
Sergey Tagashov
Midori Tanada
Keeler Tardiff
Olivia Taylor
Mezekerta Tesfay
Sasank Thapa
Layna Thompson
Kyle Thompson-Taylor
Shea Topel
Tuan Anh Tran
Hayley Tran
Gatter Tran
Long Trinh
Ha Truong
Christiane Umutoni
Michelle Unda
Ethan Van Metre
Paw Wa Victoria
Mylan Walters
Rita Wang
Weining Wang
Amy Ward
Qingjing Ye
Edward Yousif

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