Prizes & Awards

We extend our congratulations to all of the 2023 award recipients.

Academy of American Poets/Beloit Poetry Journal Award

Open to students from all departments. Established in 1988 by Loring Williams and sponsored by the Academy of American Poets with support from the Beloit Poetry Journal, this prize is awarded for the best poem or group of poems submitted by students at Beloit College. The Academy of American Poets also recognizes up to three Honorable Mentions, who, along with the winner, will be cited in the Academy’s quarterly magazine, American Poet.

Winner: Toryn Seeberger

Albert R. Topps Economics Award

Awarded to outstanding senior majors in the department of economics and is based on having an outstanding academic record. Established by his family in 1966, this award is in memory of Albert Topps.

Recipients: Caden W. E. Anderson, Ajani Gaetan Taidje Joseph

Andrew H. Whiteford’37 Award

This award is given to a junior or senior anthropology major who has demonstrated academic achievement and contributed significantly to the life of the department.

Recipients: George Carlson, Grace Maidment

Andy Boggs Memorial Award

This award recognizes underclass students studying composition, an instrument and/or conducting. The award was established by family and friends as a memorial to Andy, who died of cancer shortly before commencement in 1987. He was an accomplished composer of New Age music, and 11 of his pieces were recorded under the Turtle Creek Records label and released in June 1987. His father, art professor emeritus W. Franklin Boggs (1945-1977), painted the album’s cover art. His mother is Sondra Spongberg Boggs, class of 1961.

Recipients: Paxton Giarritano, Ella Aizeki

Ann M. Verville Scholar’s Award in Biology

Given to upperclass biology major(s) chosen by department faculty as the outstanding student(s) of the year. Established in 1971 by Ann’s parents in her memory. Ann graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa in 1970 and was pursuing a graduate degree in zoology when she died in 1971. The award is intended to assist with post-graduate expenses.

Recipients: Sofia Jeddeloh (Biology), Audrey Peasley (Biochemistry)

Art Robson Prize in Greek

Recognizes student excellence in Ancient Greek courses. This prize was established by the students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Robson, who taught Greek, Latin, and film studies courses for more than 40 years, from 1966 to 2009.

Recipients: Marcus Studinski, William J. Kinney

Banucci Music Award

Awarded to top music students. Established by Gene and Phyllis Wolff Banucci, both members of the Beloit College class of 1965.

Recipient: Samuel Gomoll

Barbara & Jeffrey Bartlett Prize in Philosophy

The award recognizes superior scholarship in philosophy. Established in 1995 by Jeffrey and Barbara Stearns Bartlett, both class of 1965. The Chicago-area business executives met in an Intro. to Philosophy course at Beloit, and Jeff majored in the discipline. He calls philosophy the “pearl of the liberal arts” because it gives people the intellectual ability to go wherever they want.

Recipients: Jiayan Wang, Jude Benjamin Little

Bartholomew Kunny Endowed Biology Scholarship

Awarded each year to a student majoring in biology, with preference given to students with an interest in freshwater or marine biology or related fields. The scholarship was established in 1998 by the family and friends of Bartholomew “Keck” Kunny, who served for 28 years as professor of biology at Beloit College, from 1948 to 1976, served as a faculty marshal, and chaired the biology department and the science division. Given in memory of Professor Kunny, the scholarship recognizes and encourages students who share a similar enthusiasm for learning and interest in science and biology.

Recipient: Caymen Hoffman

Charles D. Rosa 1898 Award

Awarded to a graduating senior who plans to go on to law school. Established in 1998 by his daughter, Delaphina Rosa Wyckoff. Mr. Rosa was president of the class of 1898 and salutatorian, and business manager of The Round Table in his junior and senior years. Principal of Edgerton High School 1898-1901; attended University of Wisconsin Law School 1901-1903; practiced law in Beloit while taking over the Chamberlin farm on Spring Creek Road and converting it into a dairy farm to supply milk to Beloit; first judge of Second District Rock County Court 1906-1912; elected to two terms in Wisconsin State House of Representatives 1913-1917; served on State of Wisconsin Tax Commission 1921-1938; and was consultant to the Michigan Tax Commission in 1938 after leaving Beloit.

Recipient: Jada Marie Daniel

Charles Eugene Street Memorial Endowed Award in Russian or Modern Languages

The award recognizes an outstanding sophomore or junior majoring in Russian or modern languages. Established in 1995 by Jack Street, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, in memory of his brother.

Recipients: Jeremy Lulu, Azalea Swan

Charles Grant Curtis Memorial Award for Excellence in Sociology

Recognizes an exceptional student who demonstrates scholarship in sociology and active community citizenship. Those qualities mirror the life and work of Charles Grant Curtis, former dean of the academic administration and a sociology faculty member from 1952 to 1973. The award was established in 1975 by family and friends to memorialize this prominent community leader interested in social concerns and human rights.

Recipient: Katarina Robinson

Chavey Family Endowed Award in Dance

This prestigious honor is given annually to a student whose contribution to dance performance has been outstanding. The recipient’s name is engraved on an awards plaque mounted in the Neese Theatre.

Recipient: Emma Logas

Clarence R. Von Eschen-Lysle H. Steele Endowed Education Award

Recognizes outstanding students of education and teaching. This award was established in 1976 by Professor Lysle Steele and family and friends of Professor Clarence Von Eschen. Both men taught in the education department for many years until 1970.

Recipients: Abbie Barsness, Thea Boyne, Emily Larson

Claudette Cummings Prize in Community Health

Awarded to an outstanding student(s) with a major or minor in health and society who is deemed likely to contribute to community public health and social justice. Established in 2008, the award is named for Claudette Cummings, R.N., M.S., who served as Director of the City of Beloit Health Department for more than 25 years. Under her direction, the Health Department promoted programs that reached out across the Beloit community, extended services to underserved populations, and built strong and active coalitions of citizens committed to working to improve health in Beloit.

Recipients: Riley Conn, Nichole Gyle Aguillana Espineli, Maddison Moser, Emiliano Alonso Reyes, Katarina Robinson

Conwell-Huffer Endowed Prize in Mathematics

Recognizes an outstanding senior mathematics or computer science student. Established in 1978 by members of the math department, the prize honors two former department chairs: Hermon Conwell, who taught from 1920 to 1952, and Ralph Huffer, whose Beloit career covered 1923 to 1961.

Recipients: Brandon Joly, Tianlong Wang

David & Marion Stocking Prize

Open to students from all departments; the prize is awarded to the student who submits the best non-fiction prose. This prize was established by friends in 1984 when two beloved English professors retired. David, who joined the faculty in 1948, and Marion, who began in 1954, are perhaps best known for editing the Beloit Poetry Journal. They also began the Beloit Poetry Journal Collection, which includes poetry, fiction, and criticism for students interested in contemporary world literature.

Winner: Savannah Eve Henley-Rayve

Delta Gamma/Kathryn C. Goodwin Memorial Prize

Awarded to a junior level female student who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship (3.25+GPA) and leadership in campus activities, with preference given to Theta Pi Gamma sorority members. This prize is being awarded from funds held in the Delta Gamma/Kathryn C. Goodwin Memorial Scholarship Fund and will be given each year as long as funds are available.

Recipient: Aliza Ayala

Delta Psi Delta Prize

The Delta Psi Delta Prize was established in 1969 to memorialize Elizabeth Arthur, class of 1909, and Jeanette Rice, class of 1910.

Recipients: Jax Goodlow, Allison OverKamp

Department of Theatre and Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance

This prestigious honor is given annually to a student whose contribution to theatre performance has been outstanding. The recipient’s name is engraved on an awards plaque mounted in the Neese Theatre.

Recipients: Natalie Ruth Dekker, Cameron Meiers

Department of Theatre and Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Production

This prestigious honor is given annually to a student whose contribution to theatre production has been outstanding. The recipient’s name is engraved on an awards plaque mounted in Neese Theatre.

Recipient: Magali Gray

Department of Theatre and Dance Memorial Award

Awarded to a first-year, sophomore, or junior theatre and dance major who demonstrates outstanding work in theatre. Established in 1984 by friends in memory of Professor Kirk Denmark, speech and theatre arts faculty member from 1946 to 1973, and Elmer “Al” Barraclough, professor from 1963 to 1984.

Recipient: Paxton Giarritano

Donald A. Summers Prize in Sociological Theory

Awarded to senior sociology majors who demonstrate high achievement in social theory. The prize was established in 1994 as a retirement gift by alumni and friends of Donald “Doc” Summers, a dedicated and beloved sociology professor from 1959 to 1994.

Recipient: Ajani Gaetan Taidje Joseph

Edward C. Fuller Chemical Education Award

Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in chemistry or biochemistry in recognition of outstanding work as a teaching assistant in a chemistry course or outstanding work on a research project that furthers chemical education. This award was established in 1982 by that year’s chemistry majors, friends, and former students in honor of Edward C. Fuller’s 30th year at Beloit College. Fuller, who taught full-time at Beloit from 1953 to 1973, served as chair of the chemistry department, chair of the chemical education division of the American Chemical Society, and author of a chemistry textbook.

Recipients: Damaris J. Allen, Isabella Callery, Rose D. Loos-Austin, Jordyn McDonald, William Walter Warren V

Edward Fergus’96 Award

Awarded to a graduating senior McNair Scholar who is predicted to be the first in their cohort to earn a PhD. This award is in honor of Edward Fergus, the first Beloit College McNair Scholar to earn a PhD.

Recipient: Jada Marie Daniel

Elaine and Les McAllister Award in Economics

Awarded to a junior majoring in the department of economics who best combines academic achievement, community contribution, and financial need. Established in 1985 by a generous gift from Elaine and Les McAllister. Professor Les McAllister was a member of the Beloit faculty from 1953 to 1991.

Recipients: Louise Claussen, Gregory Nelson

Elizabeth W. Souter Award

This award for outstanding scholarship is presented to a biology student with high academic achievement and potential for research. Established in 1999 to honor Professor Elizabeth W. “Betty” Souter for her exceptional research and teaching accomplishments as a valued member of the biology department from 1957 to 1978.

Recipient: Emmalynn May

Ellen Malsch Memorial Prize in Art

This award is given annually at the Senior Art Show to the student whose body of work in any medium as presented in the show is judged by the faculty to represent the best expression of Ellen Malsch’s idea of artistic endeavor: “Art must extend a person’s mind and vision beyond what he already knows—henceforth the ever ongoing quest of the artist—to seek—discover—invent—manipulate—formulate and bring forth new symbols—new statements.”

Recipient: Devin Pittman

Erroll B. Davis Minority Achievement Award

Awarded to an outstanding minority student who is pursuing a degree in business economics, economics, international political economy, engineering, international relations, computer science, or mathematics. The Erroll B. Davis Minority Achievement Award is sponsored by the Alliant Energy Foundation.

Recipient: Lens Jonathan Bernadel

Eta Sigma Phi

Eta Sigma Phi is a national academic honor society which recognizes undergraduate students with high achievement in Latin and/or Ancient Greek language courses.

Inductees: Nolan Vynhal, Zachary Weinberg

Eudora and William Shepherd Award in Voice

Awarded to a Beloit College student of voice who has shown several terms of consistent growth in vocal technique, is able to give an artistic performance of a song with professional stage appearance, and is active in musical productions.

Recipient: Autumn N. Green

Excellence & Leadership in Environmental Studies and Sustainability

This prize celebrates individuals who have distinguished themselves through exceptional academic achievement in environmental studies or environmental science, and/or through their involvement in campus or local sustainability initiatives, and who have demonstrated their potential for ongoing and future leadership in helping solve environmental challenges.

Recipient: Syd Clark

Ferwerda Merit Scholars

Awarded each year to eligible students majoring in the natural sciences who have established a record of academic excellence in their chosen field of study. The James R. Ferwerda Endowed Science Scholarship Fund was established in 1978 by Dr. James Ferwerda, a member of the class of 1953 and a Beloit College trustee, and his wife, Connie.

Recipients: Abigail Membrino, Alex Zeimetz (Biochemistry); Rowan Mermel, Brianna Paez (Biology); Frida Morales (Chemistry); Isabel Johnson, Lila Ryter (Geology); Maya Betzler, Madeline Champeny-Johns (Mathematics); Nathan Wilder, Nhan Thien Nguyen (Computer Science); Hasti Hairy, Laraib Irfan, Joshua Laue, Parveen Narula (Physics)

First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award

Awarded annually to an outstanding first-year student in chemistry chosen by the faculty of the department of chemistry.

Recipient: Isaac X. Brooks

Florence Yates Scobie Endowed Prize

This prize is awarded annually to one or more senior class members of Theta Pi Gamma who have demonstrated scholarship and active participation in both the campus community and the sorority. Established by Florence Yates Scobie ’31, member of Delta Gamma/Theta Pi Gamma, as a bequest.

Recipients: Nichole Gyle Aguillana Espineli, Hope Spann

George and Joyce Kammerer Outstanding Choreography Award

This prestigious honor is given annually to a student whose contribution to dance choreography has been outstanding. The recipient’s name is engraved on an awards plaque mounted in the Neese Theatre.

Recipient: Adrianna Terrell

Gertrude E. Sweet Award

Presented to a biology student who is committed to serving others and demonstrates leadership in confronting societal issues related to the life sciences. Established in 1999 to honor Gertrude E. Sweet for her exceptional service to students and colleagues as a valued member of the biology department from 1957 to 1971.

Recipient: Jade Sandra Mosquera

Grace and Laurence Ousley Award for Diversity and Inclusion

The Ousley siblings dedicated their lives to the betterment of the Beloit community despite the racism/prejudice they faced. Grace was the first African-American woman to graduate from Beloit College in 1904 and her brother Laurence, although he was unable to graduate from the college, worked in the community until his death and bequeathed his entire estate to the college. We honor their legacy by granting two awards each year to students from historically underrepresented groups in higher education at Beloit College who exemplify dedication to utilizing their education to advance social justice within the Beloit college campus and/or larger city of Beloit.

Recipients: Jada Marie Daniels, Autumn N. Green

Grace L. Chamberlin 1898 Award

Given annually to the senior woman of highest scholastic achievement in commemoration of the first women graduates of Beloit College in 1898. The award was established in 1998 by Delaphine Rosa Wyckoff, daughter of Grace Chamberlin.

Recipients: Qiongyi Feng, Sarah Lorenz

Guy Allen Tawney Prize

Awarded to a sophomore who shows unusual promise in the study of psychological science. The prize was established by the psychology department in 1989 in honor of Professor Tawney, Beloit’s first psychologist, who taught mental and moral science from 1897 to 1907.

Recipients: Kitana Gulotta, Mason Sorensen, Qiaoxi Yang

Harry Rex Davis Departmental Prize for Political Science

Awarded to outstanding seniors majoring in political science and is based upon exceptional achievement in the study of political science. Established in 1996 by the political science department and awarded from the department’s endowed prize funds in honor of Warner Mills, Jr. (professor of government from 1956 – 1987), the prize is given in honor of Harry Rex Davis, professor of government from 1948 to 1990.

Recipient: Samuel Douglas Peters

Heather Elizabeth Lutton Award in Spanish

The award recognizes an outstanding Spanish major in the first-year, sophomore, or junior class. Established by family and friends in memory of Heather in 1990, the same year she died at age 33 after suffering from a long-term illness. She was a Spanish and history major who later worked in an export business, using her Spanish skills extensively. Though she was not a Beloit alumna, her mother, Elizabeth Jenkins Lutton’47, was.

Recipients: Amanda Quiñónez, Nico Doret

Horace White Classical Prize

Awarded for excellence in special work by a classics major. This prize was first established in 1901 by Mr. White, an 1853 alumnus. It was endowed in 1922 by his daughter, Amelia Elizabeth White, in memory of her father, who was editor of the New York Evening Post.

Recipient: Grayson Jensen

Ivan McKinley Stone Prize for International Relations

Awarded to outstanding seniors majoring in international relations and is based upon exceptional achievement in the study of international politics. Established in 2002 by the political science department and awarded from the department’s endowed prize fund in honor of Warner Mills, Jr. (professor of government from 1956-1987), the prize is given in memory of Ivan M. Stone (dean of government and director of the World Affairs Center from 1939- 1969).

Recipient: Brendan Chambers

J. Carl Welty Honors Award in Biology

Awarded to students whose services or accomplishments most enhance the department each year. Established as a memorial by friends, students, and admirers of Professor Welty, who taught biology for 32 years and continued active support of the college after he retired in 1967. Author of The Life of Birds, he was also a valuable member of the ornithological community.

Recipients: T’Aira Boyance, Maddison Moser

J. N. “Ding” Darling Award

Recognizes a student who combines ecological knowledge with skills in communication, showing promise in the broad field of conservation. This award was established in 1981 by the J. N. “Ding” Darling Foundation in memory of Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling, class of 1899. Known most widely as a syndicated cartoonist who won two Pulitzer Prizes, he was also a passionate conservationist. Long before it was fashionable, he lamented such ills as wildlife extinction and pollution to the air, water, and eyes (through highway billboards). He founded the National Wildlife Federation and served as chief of the U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey (now the Fish and Wildlife Service). He also designed the first federal duck stamp, the original etching of which resides at Beloit College.

Recipient: Emma Fern Zimmerman

Jackson J. Bushnell Mathematics Prize

The prize recognizes excellence in mathematics during a student’s first year at Beloit. The Bushnell Mathematics Prize was established by Morgan Bushnell, class of 1888, in memory of his father, a Beloit professor of mathematics between 1848 and 1873.

Recipient: Prabaldeep Khare

James E. Lockwood’34 Award

Awarded annually to an outstanding student in anthropology. Established in 1985 by James E. Lockwood, class of 1934, who was president and owner of Lockwood Oil Co. in Rockford, Illinois. He supported scholarships in geology and anthropology, and he contributed many artifacts from his personal collection as well as significant financial support to the Logan Museum and the anthropology department.

Recipients: Aqua Crystal, Sedona Rose Kolmer

James S. Leeson, Sr. Prize

A book scholarship awarded to an outstanding rising senior in the department of English. Established in 1957 by family and friends in memory of James Leeson, a longtime friend of Beloit College.

Recipient: Grace Gilmore

Jane Quisenberry and W. Willard Wirtz Public Service Prize

The prize is awarded to a student who distinguishes him or herself by high ideals, excellence, and exemplary service to the Beloit community. Established in 1986 by their sons to h

Recipients: Jada Marie Daniel, Moon West

Jane Quisenberry Wirtz and W. Willard Wirtz Endowed Scholarship

Awarded each year at the recommendation of the faculty in the department of political science. Named in honor of Jane Quisenberry’35 and W. Willard Wirtz’33, and their many years of public service, this scholarship was established in 2007 by Judith Miller’72, and her husband, Peter Buscemi, to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional leadership during their tenure at Beloit College.

Recipients: Saumyaa Gupta, Cora Linos, Daniela Padilla, Joya Saxena, Channtha Sum

John H. Nair Award

To recognize outstanding chemistry students and provide membership in an appropriate professional society. This award was established in 1964 by Dr. Nair, class of 1915, who always took a great interest in chemical education during his career as a researcher and later as an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University.

Recipients: Damaris J. Allen, Cyrus Habas, Audrey Peasley, William Walter Warren V

John Hughes Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Recognizes the student who best implements a new business venture or who otherwise best exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship as it may be applied in academe. Originally established in 1998 by the department of economics and management to honor a major benefactor of the college and its programs, this award is now given by the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit.

Recipient: Eric Seo

John Kenneth’64 and Georgia Sexton Kleinheksel Endowed Prize for Distinguished Academic Achievement, Outstanding Campus Leadership, and Service

This award is given to two students of different genders who have distinguished themselves in academic achievement and campus leadership and service and also exhibit ethical decision- making and personal integrity. Inspired by the lives of his parents, John Kenneth Kleinheksel’64 and his wife, Georgia, established the prize in 2015 to honor and perpetuate his family legacy of personal achievement, community leadership, and service.

Recipient: Emilia Roman

John W. Bennett’37 Award

Given to a student or students whose work has most advanced the use of anthropology to address community or world issues. This prize is awarded in honor of John W. Bennett’37, a pioneer in applied anthropology.

Recipients: Paige Clark, Benelli Paola Ganch

Joseph P. Kobylka Endowed Scholarship in Journalism

Awarded to a rising junior or senior who demonstrates excellence in the field of journalism, as determined by faculty in the journalism program.

Recipients: Ella Diers, Miles Souza

Joyce A. Summers Award

Awarded to a senior sociology major who intends to teach in elementary school and/or work on behalf of young people facing cultural, economic, and academic challenges. The award was established in 2008 by Donald Summers in memory of his wife, Joyce A. Summers, who taught elementary students with cultural, economic, and academic challenges for 20 years at Hackett School in Beloit. A master teacher, Joyce was loved by her students and admired as a role model by her teaching colleagues.

Recipient: Tiffany Pineda

June Baker Award

The award, a memorial to June Baker, goes to a music student in good health. Established in 1989 with a gift from the estate of Elizabeth Baker, June’s sister. June worked as a teacher and secretary before she became ill and died in 1936.

Recipient: Charlie Shriver

Lewis E. Severson Prize in Economics

Awarded to an outstanding major in the department of economics who best combines academic excellence with service toward the mission of the department. Established in 1986 by Fillmore Thomas, class of 1936, in honor of Professor Severson, a member of the Beloit faculty from 1927 to 1960.

Recipients: Ariane Irafasha, Giang (River) Pham

Lois Wilson Mackey’45 Endowed Prize in Creative Writing

Open to students from all departments. Established in 1987 by Willard Mackey, class of 1947, in memory of Lois Wilson Mackey, an English major who graduated in 1945. The prize recognizes creative writing talent among all Beloit students, who may submit fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

Winner: Crystal Yang

Lucius Porter Prize in Asian Studies

This prize is awarded to the most outstanding student in Asian Studies. Named for a Beloit alumnus and distinguished missionary to China at the turn of the century.

Recipients: Aphelion Rishel, Natalie Weldon

Margaret W. Baker Prize Scholarship

Awarded to an English major who shows the most definite creative writing skill during his/her first year at Beloit.

Recipient: Prabaldeep Khare

Martin G. Roessger Memorial Scholarship in Education

Established in 1967 by Mardee Roessger Dodge’67 and her mother, Ellen, in memory of her father who passed away shortly after she graduated from Beloit College. Mardee taught elementary education for most of her professional career. To be given to a student intending to enter the teaching profession. The award will customarily be made to one student per year, with no restrictions as to the geographical background or gender of the student. Gift use states that the student should be chosen by the education department.

Recipient: Grace Maidment

Mary F. Hodge Endowed Prize

Open to students college-wide. This prize was established in 2001 by History Professor Robert Hodge and his mother, Mary F. Hodge, for the best narrative poem based on an historical event.

Recipient: Katherine Ekman

Mineralogy Prize

Awarded annually by the faculty of the department of geology to the individual showing promise in the study of crystallography and mineralogy.

Recipient: Lila Ryter

Mortar Board

Mortar Board is an elite senior honors society that selects students with strong qualifications in leadership, scholarship and service.

Members: Caden Anderson, Thea Boyne, George Carlson, Jada Daniel, Jeremy Duval, Olivia Farbarik, Samuel Hall, Tyler Hoover, Brandon Joly, Sedona Kolmer, Elinore Kosak, Emily Larson, Rose Loos-Austin, Sarah Miller, Jade Mosquera, Maddison Moser, Alexys Olson, Elena Patilliet, Audrey Peasley, Voleak Phan

Nick Adams Short Story Contest Nominations

Open to students from all departments. Every year, Beloit College nominates up to four writers for this ACM award, based on the strength of the stories submitted.

Recipients: Voleak Phan, Leo Remke-Rochard, Crystal Yang
Finalist: Savannah Eve Henley-Rayve

Outstanding Teaching Award as a Laboratory Assistant

Awarded for outstanding teaching as a laboratory assistant in Introductory Geology as determined by the faculty of the department of geology.

Recipients: Samuel Fowler Hall, Emmalynn May

Paul Pollock Memorial Endowed Prize

Awarded to a rising Beloit College junior or senior who has demonstrated a love for learning, intellectual rigor, and a commitment to serving the college community. Established in 2004 by Lois A. Pollock in memory of her husband, Paul Pollock.

Recipients: Saumyaa Gupta, Farah Tolu-Honary

Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Beta Kappa celebrates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.

Inductees: Victoria Blair, Brendan Chambers, Onix Roige Diez, Qiongyi Feng, Nam Tai Hoang, Sydney Hukin, Brandon Joly, Pope McIntire Kanne, Auras Bhadra Khanal, Phidor Kong, Irakli Maisuradze, Takeshi Matsuda, Komachi Naoe, Phuc Hong Ngo, Lamar Nguyen, Elena Patilliet, Voleak Phan, Lifeng Wang, Tianlong Wang, Wiliam Warren, Asch Weldon, Crystal Yang

Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the study or teaching of any of the academic fields related to foreign language, literature, or culture.

Members: Animesh Adhikary, Logan Clark, Cory S. Harrison, Ariane Irafasha, Brandon Joly, Sarah Klein, Grace Law, Robert Lerch, Charlotte Olivia, Crystal Yang

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha recognizes and promotes high academic achievement in the field of political science.

Members: Brendan Chambers, Jada Daniel, Phidor Kong, Samuel Peters, Maxwell Robin

Professor Roxie Alexander Memorial Award

This award was established in loving memory of Professor Roxie Alexander: Teacher, scholar, and raconteur, whose one-person support system for international, first generation, and minority students was a hallmark of the Beloit tradition for two decades.

Recipient: Jasmin Bowers

Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, was founded with the mission of recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology.

Members: Victoria Blair, Angelo Buff, Keith Spindle, Dakota Thompson

R. R. Palmer Teaching Fellowship in Physics

The award recognizes an upperclass physics major of high scholarship and potential in teaching for work as a teaching assistant in an introductory course. Established in 1975 by alumni and staff in honor of Professor Palmer’s 70th birthday. Former chair of the physics department, he was known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm for teaching.

Recipient: Eric Schilling

Richard C. Stenstrom Prize in Environmental Geology

Awarded to a student showing academic excellence in any aspect of environmental geology.

Recipient: May Willison

Richard Foster Street Memorial Endowed Award in French

Awarded annually to an outstanding sophomore or junior French major. Established in 2004 by Jack Street, professor of modern languages and literatures, in memory of his brother.

Recipients: Danielle Coon, Allison OverKamp

Royal Bronson Way Award in Non-Western History

The award is presented to outstanding graduating history major(s) with a minimum GPA of 3.6 in history. Established in 1990 by a 1936 alumnus (Fillmore Thomas) to recognize Professor Way, who taught political science and American history from 1907 to 1937. A much-admired teacher, he had a special interest in U.S. diplomatic history.

Recipients: Thea Boyne, Elinore Chase Kosak

Ruth Colman Peterson Prize in Political Science or International Relations

Awarded to outstanding seniors majoring in government or international relations and is based on academic achievement and involvement and leadership in the college community. Established in 1984 by friends of Mrs. Peterson to honor her years of service to the college. A 1938 government major, who also served the college in many capacities, including registrar and tireless (retired) volunteer.

Recipient: Jada Marie Daniel

Sarah Wallbank Memorial Prize in Geology

Awarded to a student showing academic excellence, dedication, and remarkable enthusiasm, all characteristics displayed by Sarah Wallbank’02.

Recipient: Gabian DuRussel

Sereno Taylor Merrill History Prize

Awarded annually to a history student(s) with high achievement and motivation. The prize was established to honor Beloit’s first professor (1847-48) and a life trustee of the college.

Recipient: Pope McIntire Kanne

Sikandra Spain’76 Memorial Endowed Award

Awarded to juniors or seniors who, by nature of their studies, interests, experience or career goals, have demonstrated interest in studying, living, or working in developing countries. Established in 1983 by the family of Sikandra Spain, class of 1976, who died in a car accident in 1983. As a child, teen, and college student, she lived in many countries and devoted herself to humanitarian motives, especially in the Third World.

Recipient: Phidor Kong

Sonia Moncada Street Memorial Endowed Award in Spanish

The award recognizes an outstanding sophomore or junior majoring in Spanish. Established in 2012 by Jack Street, professor of modern languages and literatures, in memory of his wife.

Recipient: Kasandra Duran-Vazquez

Student Excellence and Leadership Academic Excellence Award

Awarded to the program senior who has earned the highest cumulative GPA during the course of their undergraduate career.

Recipient: Crystal Yang

Student Excellence and Leadership Rising Star Award

Awarded to the senior who has demonstrated internal strength and resilience on their journey to achieve academic, social, and personal excellence during the course of their undergraduate career.

Recipients: Hope Spann, Gianna Perata

The Barbara and Bill Haseltine Prize in Media Studies

This prize is awarded annually to a Media Studies (declared) major in their sophomore or junior year at Beloit College. The prize gives the recipient the opportunity to pursue creative endeavors, service projects, entrepreneurial initiatives, and other activities outside the realm of media studies, away from the student’s home and away from Beloit.

Recipient: Ella Diers

Theatre and Dance Distinctive Contribution Award

Established by the department of theatre and dance and awarded to a male student who has made outstanding contributions to theatre at Beloit College.

Recipient: Phalen Wiegold

Theodore L. Wright Fine Arts Prize

Awarded for the best essay on art. Established in 1924 anonymously in memory of Mr. Wright, class of 1880, and professor of Greek and art from 1881 to 1926.

Recipient: Harriet Rose

Thomas N. Mathers Award in Economics

Awarded to outstanding economics and management major(s). Established in 1985 by members of the department of economics and management in honor of Thomas N. Mathers, Beloit College trustee from 1970 to 1983 (and life trustee) and founder of Mathers and Company, a Chicago investment management firm.

Recipient: Irakli Maisuradze

Truesdell Student Leadership Award

Awarded to graduating seniors for leadership contributions that have increased in depth and breadth to the Beloit College and Beloit community during the course of his or her undergraduate career.

Recipient: Nichole Gyle Aguillana Espineli

Wall Street Journal Award

To recognize excellence in the study of economics and business. Established by Dow Jones and Company, the award winner on each campus is selected by faculty members at that college or university.

Recipient: Takeshi Matsuda

Walter S. Haven Physics/Astronomy Prize

Awarded to students in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics/ astronomy who complete out- standing research projects. The prize was established by Walter S. Haven, class of 1887.

Recipient: Brett Kiger

Walter Van Dyke Bingham Fellowship in Psychology

Awarded to graduating seniors majoring in psychology who will pursue graduate work in that field of study. Established through a bequest of Millicent Todd Bingham in memory of her husband, whose life work was inspired by his undergraduate days at Beloit. Walter Van Dyke Bingham, class of 1901 and a Beloit faculty member from 1901 to 1904, is considered the father of industrial psychology. He is particularly known for devising the battery of psychological tests and interview procedures used to screen draftees in World Wars I and II. He also established America’s first department of applied psychology (Carnegie Institute, 1915).

Recipients: Cora-Jane Aubert, Victoria (Tori) Blair, Emilia Roman, Moon West

Warner Mills Prize for the Skilled Practice of Politics

Awarded to the political science or international relations student(s) whose exemplary practice of real world politics demonstrates extraordinary skill and great potential for future leadership. Established in 2002 by the political science department, the prize is awarded in honor of Warner E. Mills, Jr., professor of government from 1956-1987.

Recipient: Martu J. Kollie

Weissberg Human Rights Fellowship

Awarded to students who have, in their time at Beloit College, demonstrated a commitment to human rights and international understanding. The funding will assist the selected students in their next steps toward life-long engagement with human rights.

Recipients: Syd Clark, Jada Marie Daniel, Phidor Kong, Maddison Moser

White-Howells Prizes in Poetry and Prose

Open to students from all departments. Established in 1922 by Abby White-Howells in honor of her two sons, grandchildren of Horace White and William Dean Howells. The prize for the best work of prose is awarded for fiction or drama.

Winners: Savannah Eve Henley-Rayve (Poetry), Voleak Phan (Prose)

William J. Trautmann Endowed Prize in Physical Chemistry

Recognizes chemistry students for outstanding performance in physical chemistry courses. This award was established by former students and friends of Professor Trautmann, who taught chemistry from 1921 to 1947.

Recipients: Abigail Membrino, Alexandra Sasha Murphy, Alex Zeimetz

William L. Kolb Award

The Kolb Award is given annually to a senior sociology major for excellence in intellectual inquiry combined with moral inquiry. The award was established in 1997 by Helen Kolb and friends in memory of Bill Kolb, dean of the college from 1964 to 1976 and professor of sociology until his retirement in 1984. Professor Kolb was tireless in addressing the place of values in social theory and practice.

Recipient: Jada Marie Daniel

William Porter Endowed Prize

Recognizes student excellence in Latin courses. This prize was established by the family of Professor Porter, who taught Latin and mathematics for more than 50 years, from 1853 to 1906.

Recipient: Julianna Longhenry

William Simpson Godfrey, Jr. Award

This award is given to a junior anthropology major who has demonstrated academic excellence and significant intellectual potential.

Recipients: Kiersten Vivian Faldet, Evelyn Manchester

Wisconsin Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Award

Established in 1972 and renewed in 1994 by the Beloit House Corporation of Pi Beta Phi to recognize the woman member of the junior class who holds the highest academic ranking.

Recipients: Louise Claussen, Saumyaa Gupta, Farah Tolu-Honary

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