Commencement Parking

Plan ahead so you make the ceremony on time.

Campus Commencement Parking Map

Commencement 2022 Parking Map Download Parking Map as a PDF

Ceremony Grounds

The commencement ceremony will take place in the open space in front of Middle College, between the World Affairs Center and Eaton Chapel.

In Event of Rain or Extreme Weather

The commencement ceremony will take place in the Flood Arena of the Sports Center.

General Parking for Attendees

Please follow any signage or directions from Beloit College staff on the day of commencement.

Campus Parking

  • Two parking lots off the 700 block of Church Street, behind Upward Bound and the Library respectively.
  • A large parking lot off the 800 block of Church Street. Enter from the south entrance and leave through the north exit.
  • A small parking lot off the 700 block of Clary Street. To access, go around the block starting from Emerson Street, to the one-way College Street, then to Clary Street.
  • A parking lot off the 900 block of Church Street, adjacent to Emerson Hall.
  • A large parking lot off of Woodward Avenue on the north end of campus, accessed from between Chapin Hall and Moore Hall.
  • A small loop off of Woodward Avenue, to the north of Moore Hall, has some space for parking.

Public Parking

Please follow all street signs and city ordnances. The following streets are closest to campus:

  • Bushnell Street
  • Chapin Street
  • Church Street
  • Clary Street
  • College Street
  • Emerson Street
  • Grand Avenue
  • Harrison Avenue
  • Park Avenue

Accessible Parking and Access

Accessible Drop Off Areas

  • Accessible parking will be available for those with disabilities or special needs on the 600 block of College St. A drop-off area is designated on the corner of Chapin and College St. for those wishing to drop off elderly or special needs individuals who do not require accessible parking.
  • If the ceremony is moved to the Sports Center Flood Arena due to poor weather, there will be reserved accessible parking in the Sports Center parking lot on Pleasant Avenue.

Accessible Parking

  • Many parking spaces on the 600 block of College Street, nearest the ceremony grounds, will be marked as accessible parking.
  • A parking lot off of Pleasant Street / U.S. Hwy. 51 behind the Sports Center, entered near the Powerhouse bridge.
  • All campus parking lots have one to four accessible parking spaces available.
  • The 700 block of Emerson Street has four accessible spaces available.
  • The 700 block of Clary Street has two accessible spaces available.


    If you have any special guest needs, please contact the Director of Events, Tiffany Warren at

Accessible Restrooms

  • Eaton Chapel
  • Morse Library
  • Pearsons Hall (enter from the rear or west side of the building)
  • Sanger Center for the Sciences
  • Sports Center
  • The Powerhouse

Parking Reserved for Staff

The following parking areas are not available for use by attendees.

  • The small parking lot off of the 700 block of Chapin Street, behind the Blaisdell Guest House.
  • Spaces on the 600 block of College Street marked for staff, photographers, media, etc.
  • The First Baptist Church parking lot off the corner of Bushnell Street and College Street.
  • The parking loop at the corner of Bushnell Street and Prospect Street, between the Neese Performing Arts Complex and the Logan Museum of Anthropology.
  • The lots behind Pearsons Hall and Smith Building, accessed from Pleasant Street / U.S. Hwy. 51 just to the west of the Sanger Center for the Sciences.

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