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Cognitive Science

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The cognitive science major provides a program for the interdisciplinary study of mind, drawing on the content and methodologies of several other disciplines. The major combines the study of cognitive psychology, the philosophy of mind, theories of computation, and various other core and satellite disciplines to enable students to explore important topics such as the nature and structure of mind, the possibility of artificial intelligence, and the relationship between minds and brains or minds and bodies. Students who choose the cognitive science major or minor experience both the depth and breadth of the field through focused clusters of courses on human nature, computation, and more. Students who study cognitive science will graduate with training in critical thinking, computation, and social science approaches, all of which position them for a wide range of post-graduate options.

Recent Events

2018 Crom Residency

In April 2018, the Crom Philosophy Residency brought cognitive scientist Andy Clark in for several days. He met with our students, gave talks, and visited classes. Here he is with COGS 260 (Cyborg Brains and Hybrid Minds). You can read more about Clark in this profile of him from the New Yorker.

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