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Sital S.
First-year and Second-year Chinese, Summer 2008 & 2009
College Student

"When I first took the bus from Chicago O'Hare to Beloit, I thought to myself: What am I getting myself into? A week into the program, after 35 plus hours of nothing but Chinese, I found myself at ease. This was not only intriguing, unnerving, and challenging, but also a whole new experience within which I had incredible fellowship with my classmates. We were all in this together, dedicated to learning this artistic and beautiful language.

Beloit College is the perfect environment for learning a language. With its seemingly quiet surroundings, Beloit allows you to focus. Yet with its years of delicate touch with the summer languages program, it has become a force to be reckoned with.

I came home after final farewells - in Chinese, of course - I had a sense of accomplishment not any program could give me besides Beloit's CLS Program."