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Isabela C.
Second-year Russian, Summer 2011
College Student

"I heard about the Center for Language Studies (CLS) at my university while looking for summer programs to review my recently acquired Russian language abilities.  I entered CLS as a second year Russian student. 

I was originally only planning on staying for half the program - the four-week session. I was excited to see what I could accomplish in one month, but CLS had different plans.  As I neared my last day of class, I realized that I had progressed immensely from day one and I wanted to do more.  With that, I decided to stay for the full eight weeks.  I strongly advise students to apply for the eight-week program, because though it is a lengthy program, it gives one the full language experience available at Beloit.

The teachers at this program are not only teachers, but also mentors who guide the students each step of the way.   There is always someone to lend a helping hand, which is particularly important when studying so intensely in any level of language study.

Beloit creates the perfect learning environment where students are not forced to study, but enjoy doing so.  This program cultivates a love of not only the language one studies, but also an appreciation for the culture of each respective country where the language is spoken.  Anyone looking to study a language intensely would have a great experience at Beloit College."