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Bret B.
Fourth-year Russian, Summer 2011
Graduate Student

"The fourth-year Political Russian course at Beloit is an outstanding option for students or professionals hoping to improve their Russian for research or work. 

I am a PhD student in Political Science and I attended the program to prepare for dissertation fieldwork.  Although I studied Russian in college, it had been almost ten years since I last used the language.  By the end of the eight week program, I was more competent in speaking, reading, understanding, and writing Russian, many times over, than even after my undergraduate study abroad in Moscow.  In addition, the course's focus on Russian and international politics and economics has left me comfortable with much of the specialized terminology I will need to conduct research in the former Soviet Union.  

As a two time attendee of CLS, I gladly direct many of my own students and colleagues to Beloit, and I wholeheartedly recommend the program to graduate students and professionals that want to increase the quality of their research or analysis, develop a valuable professional skill, or simply become more comfortable in the language for fun or travel."