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First-Year Japanese, 2018

Quality Engineering, Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia

"The program is not easy but it is very effective. I have been self studying Japanese for over a year but after 5 weeks in the program my Japanese improved significantly. My Japanese friend, who lives in Japan, made note of it during our conversation. The instructors Oohashi sensei and Hirano sensei were both excellent. They were both skilled, extremely helpful and also demanding from the students. Everyone in the program is very supportive and are adept at getting the most out of every participant. This experience was exactly what I needed to prepare me to live in Japan next year. Thank you to everyone who facilitated the CLS program. Special thanks to Oohasi sensei and Hirano sensei for all their help."

Christian and Clarice

First-Year Chinese, 2018

University of Pennsylvania, Double Major in Chinese and Japanese
Rising senior, East Mountain High School, New Mexico

"你们好 (Hello everyone), my name is Christian Sherwin and this my classmate Clarice Ray. We are students in the first year Chinese program and have learned so much thanks to the language immersion. At the start, we knew not a single word of Chinese, however by the end of these seven weeks, we are able to read, write, and speak Mandarin. One of the ways in which we utilized what we learned in class was through an art exhibit curated by one of the Russian professors. Her works were very pretty and visually appealing, so Clare and I started discussing why we enjoyed them in Chinese. With only six weeks of language class under our belt, we were able to not only describe the paintings, but how it made us feel as well, which is quite a remarkable achievement for only six weeks. CLS has provided us with a great learning experience and we are very glad to have attended this program." 


Fourth-Year Russian, 2018

Stanford University, Major in Slavic Languages and Literatures

"From day one CLS challenged and expanded my language skills in the four areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Between translating Russian newspaper articles about U.S.-Russia relations to having heated debates in the guise of various political figures, we barely had time to note the daily improvement in our skills. By the time of the final though, it became apparent that we had all progressed beyond our expectations. The program is intensive and certainly demanding, but I am convinced that I got out of it even more than I put in."


Second-, Third-, and Fourth-Year Chinese, 2009-2011

"I'm always amazed when people say they don't have the ability to learn a foreign language. Language learning does not come easily to me, yet I have still been able to get to a high level of proficiency in one of the hardest languages in the world: Chinese.

CLS has some of the best teachers in the world and promotes a learning environment where speaking the language is expected. Although the program is extremely rigorous and you work hard for 2 months, it is also really fun. Even after spending three summers at Beloit CLS, I'm still amazed at how much my speaking ability improves over the eight-week program. Those who are highly motivated to learn a language should definitely come to the Beloit CLS program."


First- and Second-year Russian, 2010 and 2011

"Completing CLS is not difficult for a 'non-traditional student.' All you have to do is bring the same work ethic that you bring to your job or career and a commitment to learning the more. I am now having conversations – not just saying 'hello' and 'goodbye' – with Russian-speaking people who cannot speak any English. These same people knew me before I went to the first CLS course, and they are amazed at my progress in learning their (and 'my' new) language. I took German for seven years in high school and college and never attained the ability to speak the language that I have now in Russian after only 16 weeks of CLS.

A whole new life has been opened up to me just because I made a commitment to learning a new language and put forth my normal effort. I now have interests in the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine and am trying to build more. Beloit College will forever be a part of me, because of the friendships I have made, the high quality of CLS instruction, and the effort I put into learning Russian there."


First- and Second-year Chinese, 2008 and 2009

"A week into the program, after 35 plus hours of nothing but Chinese, I found myself at ease. This was not only intriguing and challenging, but also a whole new experience within which I had incredible fellowship with my classmates. We were all in this together, dedicated to learning this artistic and beautiful language.

Beloit College is the perfect environment for learning a language. With its seemingly quiet surroundings, Beloit allows you to focus. Yet with its years of delicate touch with the summer languages program, it has become a force to be reckoned with. I came home after final farewells - in Chinese, of course - and I had a sense of accomplishment not any program could give me besides Beloit's CLS."