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The Russian immersion program has proven to be the model for successful intensive language study through the Center for Language Studies since it was founded in 1983. We have consistently been able to offer four levels of Russian since the late 1980s, with one of the highlights being “Political Russian,” designed for advanced-level students. Alison

Language instruction forms the essence of the summer intensive Russian program. All four levels of Russian are taught by experienced instructors committed to the communicative approach, the use of technology, and the integration of language and culture in the classroom. Each textbook chosen for the Russian language program is appropriate for the intensive, fast-paced nature of the Russian language programs, and reflects post-Soviet Russian society.

Study of culture forms a vital component of our intensive Russian program. Knowledge of Russian culture not only plays a practical role in building proficiency in Russian, but also helps students to understand a remarkable land and people rich in history and of critical importance in today's world. In the classroom, instructors integrate culture into the language learning process itself through the use of stories, songs, poetry, movies, cartoons, and web sites.

Please read more about our program from Edie Furniss, someone who has both studied and taught Russian in the summer.

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An interesting article on why the studying of Russian can be a deeply personal experience:


Edie Furniss

Edie Furniss studied third-year Russian at CLS in summer 2005. Three years later, she returned as a TA to teach the first-year students during the summer program. We present two perspectives of our program from her, one as a student and another as a teacher (click on either to read the complete text):

When I camEdie in 2005e to CLS to study third-year Russian in the summer of 2005, I had a strong foundation in the language but lacked the necessary confidence to converse with native Russian speakers. While the intensive language learning environment was a dramatic change from my undergraduate Russian courses, I quickly adapted to the fast pace and rose to the challenges the program provided. [...] By the end of the program I felt fully prepared to study abroad in Russia; when I arrived in Krasnodar, a provincial city near the Black Sea, I was able to communicate easily with my host family as well as enjoy daily life in Russia.

Three years after being a Edie in 2008student in CLS, I had the opportunity to return as a teaching assistant for the first-year Russian course. As a former participant, I am aware of the challenges and rewards of participating in the intensive language program at CLS, as well as the skills that are necessary for success in the target language country. [...] Students who enjoy a challenge and would like to improve their linguistic skills and raise cultural consciousness in an atmosphere that will provide them with the instruction and support essential to reaching the next level in language proficiency will find CLS to be an ideal match.