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Life and Language

Life and Language: The Immersion Experience

Covering a year’s worth of language study in seven short weeks requires much more than dedicated and successful work in the classroom. Where you eat, study, work out, relax, and rest play an equally important role in the summer intensive language program. The Commons dining area is more than eating; it’s also a place to converse in the target language. Residential halls are not just a place to sleep, but also a place to create a community of living and learning through study groups, watching movies, and interacting socially. For a quiet place to study, students go to the Colonel Robert H. Morse College Library. The library offers computers, Ethernet access, multimedia equipment, individual and group study spaces, and a rich collection of books, newspapers, and audio-visual materials. And to work off some steam and to keep in shape, no place is betterthan the Sports Center.

Commons Dining Area

For lunch and dinner, you eat with your instructors and fellow students, giving you practical experience in conversing and listening in your target language in an informal setting. A wide variety of food options are available on a daily basis: hot non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan entrées, complete salad and fresh fruit bars, deli sandwiches made to order, 30 different cereals, hot and cold beverages, and decadent desserts. In addition, each language group participates in an international dinner event.  At the international dinner, students have the opportunity to prepare and sample popular foods from around the world and learn about different cultures.

Picnic Tables

One of the great advantages of summer study is the opportunity to spend time outdoors in the evenings doing homework and relaxing with fellow students and teachers. The picnic tables outside of Wood, Haven, and 815 are popular sites for group work and tutorial sessions.

Evening of International Poetry and Song

Arabic DanceEach year, we give our students and faculty the chance to show off for each other and enjoy an enchanting evening during the “Evening of International Poetry and Song.” Students perform music, present skits, or read poetry in their target languages so that everyone at CLS can see what others are learning and experience the different cultures and languages present at CLS. Other popular events during the summer are the international dinners, the excursions, and cultural programs.

Residential Halls

The CLS students are typically housed in Wood, Haven, and 815 Halls, air-conditioned residence halls, which allow you to interact with students both within your language program and outside of it. Your instructors reside on campus, allowing you access to them in the afternoons and evenings when you are completing your homework. One of the aspects of our program that students always praise is how much access they had to their instructors, whether it was during class or through the language tables, tutorial sessions, and cultural events and activities.