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Masako Lackey

Masako Lackey
Senior Instructor
First-year Japanese, Summer 2008

"I am always amazed how much the students actually learn in such a short period of time. The pace of the curriculum is fast and the amount of information they need to acquire is vast. There is no doubt the program is tough. There are days when I can hear the students crying “That’s enough. I cannot take in anything anymore.” At the end, however, I always feel that the students leave the program with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from their accomplishment.

How can students get though this tough program? I believe that they can do it because learning is fun and rewarding at the CLS program. Students will be introduced to new vocabulary, grammar, characters and culture in class and then given many opportunities to utilize them in and out of the classroom. Lecture classes are immediately followed by practice sessions, where students engage in a variety of drills and communicative activities. In addition, students have chances to try the phrases and sentences they have just learned at the language tables at lunch and dinner. Students’ questions about the language and culture will be answered right way at the tutoring sessions every weekday evening. Weekly movie nights also provide them with chances to test their knowledge of the language and culture. Students in a way get an “instant gratification” of learning the language. This is a huge advantage of the CLS program over the regular school year program. Our program provides opportunities for the students to use the language as they learn, as if they are studying abroad."