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The Center for Language Studies Japanese immersion program is acknowledged as one of the most challenging and rewarding programs in the country. The Japanese faculty is composed of professional language teachers who provide individualized instruction and personal attention in their teaching. Combining advanced teaching methods with excellent instructional materials, the CLS Japanese program offers the best of all worlds in teaching methods and models for emulation. The CLS Japanese program is excellent preparation for individuals interested in work or study abroad.

We teach Japanese from beginners to advanced and have instructors experienced in high-level training skills. Choose from our four week or eight week courses.

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Masako Lackey

Lackey Sensei was the senior instructor first-year Japanese during our summer 2008 session. Here she shares a few thoughts about teaching an advanced language class at Beloit:

Masako LackeyI am always amazed how much the students actually learn in such a short period of time. The pace of the curriculum is fast and the amount of information they need to acquire is vast. There is no doubt the program is tough. At the end, however, I always feel that the students leave the program with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

How can students get though this tough program? I believe that they can do it because learning is fun and rewarding at the CLS program. Students will be introduced to new vocabulary, grammar, characters and culture in class and then given many opportunities to utilize them in and out of the classroom. Lecture classes are immediately followed by practice sessions, where students engage in a variety of drills and communicative activities. In addition, students have chances to try the phrases and sentences they have just learned at the language tables at lunch and dinner.