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Li Li

Li Li
Senior Instructor
Third-year Chinese, Summer 2008
Fourth-year Chinese, Summer 2011-2013

"In summer 2008, I had an opportunity to teach 3rd Year Chinese in the summer program at Beloit College. Here are some points I’d like to summarize about the program.

We used two textbooks in two months. In the first month, I focused on vocabulary teaching. There are some different methods of teaching vocabulary, and basically I introduced usages and grammatical points. I also adopted some other methods, such as differentiating parasynonyms,expanding morphemes, adding up some translations, etc.

In the second month, we began to use another more difficult textbook, of which both the text and the vocabulary were at a higher level than what was in the first textbook. The second textbook was mainly concerned with such topics as scholars’ viewpoints on Chinese culture and traditional society at the beginning of 20th century. Consequently our discussion became a bit tough. I needed to design and make an outline of in-class discussion, which was based on the text and its context. Moreover the outline should cover some broader questions, so that the discussion could go into more depth. During discussion, guiding students to express properly was the goal that I attended to achieve.

The third thing I’d like to say is that, in my opinion, to review learned vocabulary and grammatical points is of great value. Informed by Hermann Ebbinghaus’s theory, I brought the vocabulary into our class as much as possible and reviewed it in the second day, no matter how difficult it was for me to integrate vocabulary and grammar properly into classroom activities. After class, at the language table, I also talked with students using in-class vocabulary and grammatical points.

Besides these things, effective communication is also very important for a successful class. Thus the instructor should have a good sense of humor, encourage and praise students in class, and be patient to students. It is absolutely essential for a good language instructor to have all of these qualities. "