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Rachel the Student

Rachel F.
First-year Arabic, Summer 2005
High School Student

"Here's a brief list of reasons for a student who is not yet in college to choose Beloit's summer program:

-Ease to coordination. Especially from a parent's perspective (and my mom can definitely vouch for this!), if your child is going away for the whole summer to learn a language, a more comfortable arrangement is one within the USA where you know all the laws and there probably won't be any language miscommunications. You're more familiar with different modes of transportation and their reliability. And from the perspective of the student, in the first stages of language learning, not having to adjust to a new country is a relief -- a new language is enough to concentrate on!

-Credits from a program in the United States are more likely to transfer to other schools' programs, especially at the college level. And incidentally, it looks great on college applications for me to be able to say that I received college credits for courses I took before graduation from high school.

-Cost was obviously a factor, too. Beloit's program was less costly than some of the other summer programs I considered, while still having a high number of classroom hours each week and small classes. Being immersion-style and hence living in the dorms, I had no need to worry about coordinating my own housing, food, transportation, etc.

-A benefit that I hadn't foreseen before studying at Beloit this past summer but that I now appreciate: it gave me direction. As a high school student, teachers and parents often have pressured me to decide what I want to study and major in when I get to college. Before studying Arabic, I had almost no idea. Now, however, I plan to study Arabic language and literature. Because I came to this realization while still in the process of looking at colleges, I have been able to narrow my search to those colleges that have good Arabic programs."