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Rachel the Teacher

Rachel F.
Teaching Assistant
First-year Arabic, Summer 2008

"Returning to Beloit as a graduate teaching assistant this summer was very rewarding. Teaching Arabic gives me the opportunity to spread my enthusiasm for the language and its cultures. Some of my favorite memories from this summer are of students asking questions and starting discussions about aspects of Arab culture that interested them. Having started my own study of Arabic at CLS years ago, I have an appreciation for the amount of intense study required of students to succeed in an intensive language program. I remember that as a high school student, I had to quickly adjust to a heavier work load than I was used to, and it really paid off: it was great to be in an environment where I was challenged to practice and experiment with my new language skills all the time instead of just in the classroom. The immersion experience really gives students the chance to absorb the language quickly and start speaking it right away! As an instructor, it is fulfilling to teach students who have dedicated their summer to focus solely on Arabic and are committed to spending the amount of time necessary to learn it successfully."