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Sam S.
Second-and Fourth-year Russian, Summers 2010 & 2011
College Student

"Over my two summers at CLS, for 2nd and 4th year respectively, I grew both as a student and as a person.

I applied to CLS originally because I wanted to travel to Russia, viewing my language studies as a necessary but not too exciting stepping-stone. After CLS, however, I define myself by my passion for the Russian language. I am proud of my ability and interest, and this is directly due to the excellent teaching and community that CLS offers. Moreover, new careers have opened up for me. While unsure of what I would do after college, I am now actively investigating Russian language careers in the government, non-profit work, and business.

Learning at CLS was constant. It was impossible for me not to learn. My reading ability, fluency, and vocabulary improved exponentially.  However, without community this intensity would be difficult to manage. Fortunately, I found that my classmates and especially teachers were eager to support me and tutor me. Indeed, many teachers at Beloit work harder than their students. Beloit’s intensive program asks a great deal, but it supports its students just as much."