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Frequently Asked Questions - Food

NOTE: Meal Plans and Prices for CLS 2014 are being negotiated.  All information below is relevant to CLS 2013.


Am I required to purchase the 19-meal plan?

All CLS participants living on campus are required to purchase a 19-meal plan. Participants who receive permission to live off campus are required to purchase a 5-day lunch plan; however, it is highly recommended that they eat all meals with the group.

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What does the 19-meal plan include?

The 19-meal plan includes lunch and dinner, 7 days per week, and breakfast, Monday through Friday.

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Does the dining hall accommodate vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, each meal includes vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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What are the language tables?

During the summer intensive language program, each language group sits together with their instructors during lunch and dinner. The language table gives students the opportunity to practice their conversations skills outside of the classroom in an informal setting. We encourage students to participate actively in the language tables and to take advantage of this opportunity.

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