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Accepted Students

Congratulations on being accepted to the Center for Language Studies program!  You are just a few steps away from finishing your registration and starting your intensive language experience this summer.

Completing your Registration

Students who have been accepted into the program must complete all of the following steps and forms by May 29, 2017 in order to be enrolled into the program. 

1. Complete and submit your intent to register.

Deadline: As soon as possible.

The Intent to Register form provides additional information on expectations which the student must agree to before they can be registered. This form can be submitted through email to or through the mail.

2. Submit your $200 enrollment deposit.

Deadline: As soon as possible.

The enrollment deposit is non-refundable, is required to secure your place in the class, and will be credited toward the cost of tuition, fees, room, and board. This deposit may be submitted online through Beloit College's Tuition Management System or by check payable to Beloit College sent through the mail.

For those paying online, please note that there is a convenience fee of $1.00 minimum plus 2.99% of the amount charged added to each credit card or debit card transaction. No convenience fees are charged for electronic ACH payments from a checking or savings account.

3. Complete and submit your residence hall agreement.

Deadline: As soon as possible.

Students participating in the program are expected to live in the residence halls with their fellow students as a part of the intensive and immersive environment. Select the form which applies to your session and submit it through email to or through the mail.

4. Review, complete, and submit health forms.

Deadline: May 15th

The Health Forms are necessary so that we provide maintain a healthy environment for everyone and are best informed when it comes to responding to medical situations. You may need to consult with your doctor in completing these forms, so we encourage you to complete them sooner rather than later. The forms also include important information which you should be aware of. These forms be submitted through email to or through the mail.

5. Submit your arrival information.

Deadline: Before you arrive.

In order to ensure that we get you to campus and in your room, please complete the arrival information form.

Unless special arrangements are made with the Office of Summer Programs, all students are expected to arrive on Saturday, June 17.  Room check-in begins at noon on Saturday and will continue throughout the afternoon.  Students who plan to arrive later in the evening after the opening dinner will check-in and pick up their room keys at the Security Office on the lower level of Pearsons Hall.

Information on getting to the campus is available on the Visitors site's Getting to Beloit page.

Students who arrive in Beloit by VanGalder/CoachUSA bus can view the bus departure and arrival times at the VanGalder Bus Company website.  Coming into Beloit your destination will actually be in Illinois at the South Beloit bus stop. Center for Language Studies will provide transportation from the South Beloit bus stop to campus on Saturday.