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Intensive Summer Language Programs

Prepare yourself for a lifetime adventure exploring a people, language, and culture different from your own!

Prepare to engage the world!

Our programs are open to high-achieving high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, working professionals, and adult learners, whether from the U.S. or abroad.

Join us in learning a new language by enrolling in our summer intensive language program. Our four-week or eight-week courses are designed to immerse you in one of four critical-need languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

The Center for Language Studies offers high-level instruction and quality resources located on the campus of Wisconsin's first college - Beloit College.

Life and Language - What's it all about?

At the Center for Language Studies at Beloit (CLS) we are committed to you, the student. We offer you a unique atmosphere in which to study one of four challenging languages.  Our approach allows you to immerse yourself in your target language in the classroom and outside it through cultural activities and meals, personalized teaching and mentoring from our staff, and interaction with fellow students.

For that reason, we can honestly say our program offers you a true life and language experience in which you are living the language as you learn it.

What's unique about Beloit's Center for Language Studies?

  • Our life and language approach
  • The excellence of our faculty
  • Our small class sizes and individual attention[Russian Class]

At CLS we have two teachers per class with a maximum of 12 students in a class.  Our faculty not only teach you but also eat with you and reside on campus, assuring that throughout the day you have someone to talk to in your target language, as well as someone to answer questions and to help you explore the intricacies of the language and the related culture, history, and society.

You will emerge from our program with confidence in the language, excellent grammar skills, and an appreciation for food, films, music, and other cultural mores.

Feel free to browse our programs, check the FAQs, contact us, if you have any questions, and then start your application!

  • CHOOSE - your language
  • IMMERSE - yourself in the language school at Beloit College
  • CONVERSE - with others using your new skills

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