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Center for Language Studies (CLS)

Intensive Summer Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian

Want to get ahead during the summer?  

CLS offers you the opportunity to become fluent in a critical language without leaving the country. Our rigorous immersion programs are ideal for students and professionals who want to make remarkable progress in a short period of time. No matter where you are coming from or where you plan to go with your study of Chinese, Japanese, or Russian, CLS has a course for you!

  • Live your language dawn 'til dusk
  • Stellar teaching
  • Rigorous learning
  • Complete 1 year of language in 7 weeks
  • Earn 8 semester hours of college credit!

The Program

Learn more about how you can learn a year of Chinese, Japanese, or Russian in just 7 weeks.

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Listen and read the stories and experiences of previous Center for Language Studies students.

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