Study Abroad


There are several study abroad programs which classics majors are encouraged
to consider. In Italy, one can spend a semester at the Intercollegiate Center for
Classical Studies in Rome. The program is administered by Duke University, but
open to students from any of the participating colleges, of which Beloit is one.
The semester in Rome allows students to spend an intensive semester studying
Latin or Greek with other American students and faculty and to supplement this
study by visiting the physical remains of Roman culture in Italy.

Programs in Greece include The College Year in Athens and The Arcadia Center
for Hellenic, Mediterranean, and Balkan Studies, both centered in Athens. Each
of these two programs possesses unique opportunities for students (College Year
in Athens is more focused on archaeology, art history, and general studies, while
Arcadia Center offers opportunities more custom-tailored to a student's particular

Arcadia University also operates a program in Sicily, within eyesight of Mt. Aetna:
the Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences. This program is well-suited for
Classics majors who have an interest in Medieval Studies, History, Archaeology,
contemporary Sicilian and Italian cultures, the Mediterranean diet, and