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Eta Sigma Phi

Eta Sigma Phi is a national academic honor society which recognizes undergraduate students with high achievement in Latin and/or Ancient Greek language courses.

The national organization sponsors: scholarships for travel and teacher training; translation contests at the intermediate and advanced level in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Koine; a yearly conference, where undergraduate Classicists can network and discuss their research with their peers and faculty from other institutions; and annual panels at the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) meeting and the Classical Association of the Middle, West, and South (CAMWS) meeting (locations for these events vary by year). Membership in the organization grants you access to these exciting opportunities for celebrating and furthering your work in this discipline!

The Beloit chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, Epsilon Tau, initiates new members at the start of every semester. New members must have achieved a B+ or higher in an advanced Greek or Latin class, and they are strongly encouraged to maintain their academic performance in the ancient languages while at Beloit.

We host various gatherings for our members, including museum trips to Madison and Chicago, trips to see performances of ancient drama, "bad Classics film night," and the occasional bowling outing!

Check out the national Eta Sigma Phi website here:

To inquire about joining or to propose an event, contact our current "Prytanis" (president), Robert Heckner (