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Student Entrepreneurship

GLAM WANTS YOU! Students don't just learn about Classical antiquity here. Ours is an innovative program that sees your entrepreneurship and skills-building as part of your educational experience. Our opportunities help you develop "real-life" skills, build your résumé, and form social and professional networks that foster your post-College transition to the workplace or higher education.

Here are just a few of the ways our students have put their education and skills into practice:

  • Eta Sigma Phi: develop programming and events at Beloit; learn how to manage an annual budget and estimate costs; learn how to manage College resources; for the national organization: present your Classics research to a professional audience; engage in nationwide competitions; develop a network of other undergraduates from across the country; fund summer and post-graduate educational opportunities
  • Research Assistantships: deepen your understanding of contemporary issues in the discipline; develop your research, writing, and editing skills; work collaboratively with your Professor and learn how academic research and writing gets done
  • Teaching Assistantships: learn how to develop College-level course materials; learn how to set learning outcomes and assessments; learn strategies for managing a classroom; assist your peers in developing and honing their research skills; learn how to cope with uncertainty and work independently
  • International/Student symposium: develop a compelling project proposal; set independent timelines for project goals and benchmarks; learn how to condense a research project or study abroad experience and communicate it effectively to a non-expert audience; prepare audio-visual materials for presentation; learn how to engage a non-expert audience and field questions as a public speaker
  • Prospective Student Events: develop your ability to articulate to a diverse audience what the discipline is, what skills you are learning, your post-graduation and/or College educational trajectory, and compelling rationales for taking Classics courses at Beloit; devise marketing campaigns and/or materials for the Classics department (including drawing up itemized budgets for material costs); lay the groundwork for serving as a mentor to students when they come to Beloit
  • Study Abroad: develop independent goal-setting and project planning; approach your major/minor from a professional and cultural perspective outside Beloit; develop personal resilience in the face of challenges and emotional discomfort; develop a wider network of professional and undergraduate contacts