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Work For Us!

Working at the C-Haus

Are you interested in employment at the C-Haus? At the beginning of each semester (Fall and Spring) there are typically jobs available for bartenders, concessions clerks, ID checkers, housekeepers, and sound technicians. Feel free to ask the C-Haus manager during open hours about job availability.

Some recommendations for C-Haus employment are as follows:

  1. Get to know the C-Haus manager and employees. We are all friendly here, and we like company. When you come to visit us, please understand that we have a job to do first, but we would like to get to know you.
  2. Promote the C-Haus when you're around your friends. You don't have to become a walking billboard, but it can't hurt to be seen bringing in a group of people.
  3. Make sure you follow all the rules when you're in the C-Haus. Do not bring alcohol in any form onto our premises. Do not buy alcohol for a minor, or come in so drunk we need to call you an ambulance. We aim to keep the C-Haus a positive atmosphere, so please encourage others to follow our rules.
  4. Get involved with C-Haus programming committee. It's important to know what's going on when we're open.

Contact Us!

708 Clary St., Beloit, WI 53511