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Tips for Musicians

Marketing yourself as a musical artist is a difficult but necessary part of being a musician. As a solo act or band, you're becoming an entrepreneur in the musical business, whether you know it or not. In order to get your name out there, you have to start working! Here are some tips for marketing your band to the Coughy Haus or any other venues.

  • Create a Facebook page, get a Myspace Music page, create a page on, or some other site, so people can listen to and download/purchase your music.
  • Record your live performances and put them on YouTube so venues know what your live show will be like.
  • Scour the Musician community section of Craigslist for the city you're near. Often, venues will search for last-minute acts to fill in if they've had a cancellation.
  • Have a biography or profile of your band or act on your website to give a little bit of background.
  • Book a tour for yourself - this will increase your perceived value, because saying you've been on tour sounds pretty darn good.