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Programming at the C-Haus

So you're interested in C-Haus programs? We'd like to tell you how we do things around here. Whether you're in a band and want a gig here, or have ideas for other C-Haus entertainment, we'd like to hear from you.

The booking process includes:

  1. We need a demo CD or website, a list of dates that would work for a show, and a price range of how much money you're looking at for payment. It would also be appreciated if references were enclosed.
  2. A programming committee of students will listen to your demo music and determine whether they want the show. From that point we will contact you and let you know. Anyone is free to come to the programming board meetings and pitch a band, or voice their opinion on programming. We want to hear what YOU want to hear at the C-Haus.
  3. If you have been chosen to perform at the C-Haus, the manager will organize a contract with you.

The earlier you get us a demo the better! The student programming committee meets once per week, and that is the only time they will decide on booking shows.

The doors of the Coughy Haus opened as a student entrepreneurial effort in 1974. Since then bands such as the Violent Femmes, Coko Taylor, Frank Zappa, Soul Asylum, Calobo, The Zen Tricksters, Modest Mouse, Mustard Plug, Babe the Blue Ox, Absinthe Blind, Percy Hill, Ekkostik Hookah, Wolfie, Buttafly, Poi Dog Pondering, Hairplane, Low, J. Davis Trio, Antibalas Afro-beat Orchestra, The Drovers, Reed Foehl, Zoo Animal, The Hood Internet, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, Des Ark, Stepdad, and the Aaron Katz Band have played here, among other. We also host numerous campus band nights and open mics. We cater to all types of acts.

Contact the C-Haus Manager

708 Clary St., Beloit, WI 53511