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Do you want to change the world or your corner of it? Make it happen.

Beloit students bring their ideas to life in the Makers Lab at Beloit's Center for Entreprene... Beloit students bring their ideas to life in the Makers Lab at Beloit's Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education (CELEB).

Collaborate to build a world

The Worldbuilding Collective is a student-organized and faculty-facilitated group that works on a collaborate worldbuilding project each schoolyear. Collaborative worldbuilding means working together to envision an alternate world, including its structures of governance, economy, social relations, and culture.

Once contributors have decided what the world is like, they contribute to a catalog of creative materials that explore characters, items, events, or spaces in the world, whether in the form of short stories, poems, artworks, songs, or other media. The Worldbuilding Collective meets regularly to workshop these materials, helping each other become better creative thinkers and makers. By the end of the year, the Collective has a portfolio of objects published both on this webpage and in a printed booklet.

Through the Worldbuilding Collective, students have a fun and concrete opportunity to practice collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, and effective communication. Their authorship of the yearly booklet enhances resumes for internships and jobs. And throughout the year, members in the Collective also gain insights and guidance from alumni who work in game design, fiction writing, computer programming, and related fields.

Expose yourself to big ideas

Beloit offers exciting opportunities to explore worldbuilding through lectures and residencies such as the Mackey Chair in Creative Writing, the Ousley Scholar-in-Residence, and the Weissberg Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice.

Make an impact through one or more campus group

Hannah Kang'22 is one of four student artists commissioned to paint murals in common areas of Peet Hall. The project, created and managed...
The Student Experience

Remaking Public Spaces in a Favorite Campus Home

A student-driven mural initiative enhances a residence hall already known for its sense of place.


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