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Inhabit alternate realities. Change this one.

Beloit professors and students climb down a steep trail along the Yellow River in China during th...

What is Worldbuilding?

Worldbuilding involves both imagining new worlds and transforming existing worlds and the ways in which we see and embody them—whether through creativity, activism, and artistic performance and design, or through rethinking existing paradigms of knowledge.

Different languages weave through different worlds, past and present, with distinctive resources for imagining a shared future. And different ethical worlds are embedded in the models of education we use to transmit knowledge and culture.

“Worldbuilding” begins from the recognition that what we take to be real shapes and is shaped by the stories we tell and the communities we construct—so creating or transforming our stories and environments is literally world-changing.

This channel is for you if…

  • You aspire to imagine alternate realities through writing, films, or games, and to transform how we see this world through your creative work.
  • You seek to understand how norms, institutions, and physical spaces organize how we navigate our lives and interact with one another.
  • You want to explore the ethical worlds that are embedded in the models of education we use to transmit knowledge and culture.
  • You believe that our experience of the world is shaped by the languages we speak, the cultures we come from, the histories we embody, and the media we consume.

Featured Resources

The Col. Robert H. Morse Library gives you access to innumerable worlds, both real and imagined, as well as great spaces where you can explore them. The Innovation Space offers worldbuilders high-performance Apple computers, an animation station, graphics tablets, an audio recording booth, and gaming hookups.

You can also take advantage of the creative facilities at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB), like the Maker Lab and the Maple Tree Recording Studio. Build your own business in the Entrepreneurship Lab, or learn about the world-changing potential of foundations by getting involved in the WISE Philanthropic Foundation.

Worldbuilding Opportunities

Student Work

Duffy student Uzma Sayed

Through the Lens of the Pandemic

When field experiences ended suddenly, students gained new perspectives on a world altered by COVID-19.

Hannah Kang’22 is one of four student artists commissioned to paint murals in common areas of Peet Hall. The project, created and managed by students, strengthens a sense of place and community in this popular residence hall.

Remaking Public Spaces in a Favorite Campus Home

A student-driven mural initiative enhances a residence hall already known for its sense of place.

Credit: Finn Brandt’20

The Power of Speech

In his study of teacher activism, Finn Brandt ’22 explores how verbalization transforms the transmission of knowledge.


After Beloit

Building Worlds through Design and Education

Alumni Emily Eagle and Raphael Gang connect their current careers to their experiences at Beloit.

Lesly Davis’90 at Indiana University Global Alumni reunion in Beijing.

A Transformative Cycle of Study Abroad

With numerous experiences abroad under her belt, Lesley Davis’90–a creative writing and French major–has developed and led internationally-based programs for future students to learn abroad.


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