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  • <div class="hero-story-wrapper container mb-2"><div class="hero-story col-lg-3 offset-lg-3 px-3 pb-2"><h4><a href="/live/news/1265-art-in-service-of-a-greater-cause">Promoting environmental sustainability through art</a></h4><p><p class="p1"><span class="s1">Combining his love of theatre with a major in environmental arts and communications, Kerry Randazzo’20 founded <strong>Slow Fashion Beloit</strong> to teach fellow students to sew while promoting sustainable clothing use practices.</span></p></p></div></div><div class="hero-header-image" style="background-image: url(/live/image/gid/39/height/670/src_region/704,0,2835,2133/3702_Beloit_4-19-17_0598.rev.1580766064.jpg); background-size:cover; background-position:center; min-height:400px;"><div class="" style="position:static;"><span class="lw_image_caption lw_align_right px-3" style=""><p class="p1"> Randazzo <span class="s1">uses performance art and costume design to <a href="/live/news/1527-promoting-environmental-sustainability-through-art" target="_blank" rel="noopener">engage audiences with environmental issues</a>.</span></p></span></div></div>

Protecting the environment takes work at every level

What is your dream career?

Become an advocate, consultant, educator, engineer, lawyer, or policymaker tackling real-world sustainability challenges like food security, clean energy, climate change, sustainable development, and access to clean water.

Keep your focus local like Stan Riggs’60, a coastal geologist and evangelist for science education who’s been advocating for coastal conservation in North Carolina for nearly 60 years.

Or, perhaps, seek solutions with global impact like Aaron Nesser’11, whose work on sustainable materials for durable products like sneakers is bringing eco-options to a notoriously polluting industry. 

Chart your own path

Find coursework to match your interests. Get involved with one of Beloit’s numerous environmental groups to affect change on campus. Gain experience through your job or internship to build your resume and explore different fields. 

Your new professional network

Along the way, Beloit faculty, staff, and alumni are your guides and mentors. They open doors. Share opportunities. Help you make decisions. 


Your Mentors

Alicia Bailey
Alicia Bailey

Alicia works with students in the scene shop to help bring shows to life. Students not only learn practical skills necessary for technical theatre, but also how to be more sustainable in the work they’re doing.

Joseph Derosier
Joseph P. Derosier

Joseph Derosier and his students examine literature, film, and other forms of media to examine how our world has been imagined and realized, and how we ourselves participate in how these worlds are perpetuated, altered, and reimagined.

Yaffa Grossman
Yaffa L. Grossman

Yaffa mentors students in biology, environmental studies, and sustainability.

Tamara Ketabgian (“ke-TAHB-jin”; she/her/hers)
Tamara Ketabgian

Tamara and her students explore how storytelling can transform both our current world and worlds of the future—by reading and writing science fiction, climate fiction, the environmental humanities, and narratives about data, knowledge, and modernity.

Haley Lott profile photo
Haley Lott

As a librarian, Haley works with students to align the library with sustainability and justice goals.

Sue Swanson
Susan Swanson

Sue mentors students interested in water resources management and campus sustainability efforts.

Pablo Toral
Pablo Toral

Pablo Toral takes students into the field to learn sustainability from the ground up.

Shelbi Wilkin
Shelbi Wilkin

Shelbi mentors students in theatre design and technology specializing in costume design, cultural representation onstage, fashion history, and sustainable fashion practices.

Jay Zambito
James Zambito

Jay mentors students interested in climate change and natural resources.

Protecting our nation’s wetlands

Protecting our nation’s wetlands

Network with everyone you can! Talk to other Beloit College graduates with similar interests. Ask your professors if they know of anyone to connect you with. And reach out to the Alumni Office or Career Services for other alumni in your field or where you live.

These efforts paid off for Christine Shonnard’19, who is now working as a physical scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Earth Week Event: Biking scavenger hunt to celebrate Earth Week

Go for a bike ride and explore natural areas in Beloit!

Lucy Abrams showing off the Arava desert.

Learning to Listen and to Act

Lucy Abrams is a senior anthropology major with a minor in dance who studied abroad in the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, located at Kibbutz Ketura in Southern Israel. During her time abroad, she learned about sustainability and regional peace-building through the program’s immersive experience in community building and her involvement in political activism.


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