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Tackle climate change.  Take on environmental issues. 

Preston Bui'20, an international student from Vietnam, has dedicated his summer to the BUG.

This channel is for you if…

  • You expect to pursue a career in environmental consulting, education, engineering, law, or policy.
  • You see yourself collaborating in community or international development activities related to climate change or natural resources. 
  • You plan on going to graduate school in environmental fields, such as environmental management, forestry, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, sustainable agriculture, or water resources management.
  • You are passionate about tackling real-world sustainability problems like food security, energy production, and access to clean water. 

Featured Resource

Students manage the Beloit Urban Garden (BUG) that produces sustainable, organic, and ecologically-sound food connections to the Beloit College campus. Working as part of a team, you will grow produce, learn how to sell it, and research how the food you grow fits into our local food ecosystem and infrastructure. BUG maximizes Wisconsin’s growing season and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing to humans and important pollinators. 

Sustainability Opportunities

Student Work

Seakguech’s first trip in New Zealand to Milford Sound

From Beloit to New Zealand & Cambodia: Preserving the planet, one endangered plant at a time

Seakguech Sok’21, an environmental biology major and lover of plants and flowers, is studying abroad in New Zealand and traveled to her home country of Cambodia to work on making the world a greener place, one plant at a time. Guech came to Beloit College as a SHE-CAN scholar.

   Kerry Randazzo’20

Art in Service of a Greater Cause

Kerry Randazzo’20 combined his love of theatre arts with a major in environmental arts and communications. “I began to think more about my art and how it could best be put to use in service of a greater cause, with more focus on applying my performance art and costume design to get my audiences to engage with environmental issues.”

With repurposed fabric, a strong sense of fashion, and a sewing machine, Qurat ul Ain’20 brought sustainable clothes and bags to Beloit to raise awareness about the waste of the fashion industry.

A Fashion Statement that Speaks Louder than Words

Qurat ul Aain’s interest in sustainable fashion led her to start a business with the support of Beloit’s Entrepreneurship Center and the Theatre Department’s Costume Shop.


After Beloit

Aaron Nesser’11, designer, biologist and founding member of AlgiKnit, strives to combat the excessive materialism of the fashion industry and creates products that are stylish, functional and environmentally friendly.


If designer and biologist Aaron Nesser’11 has his way, your next pair of tennis shoes won’t last thousands of years in a landfill.




CANCELED: Bon Appetit Sustainability Fellows Information Session

Interested in food sustainability? Learn more about a Bon Appetit Sustainability Fellowship!


CANCELED: Green Romantics: Exhibit Opening and Gallery Talk

Join the students of Green Romanticism for an exhibit opening and gallery talk on Romantic literature, visual art, and environmental studies. Featured works will include Gustave Doré’s illustrations for S. T. Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner, ecologist Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne, and various mezzotints and engravings after landscapes by J. M. W. Turner. Light refreshments will be served. 

Sponsored by the Department of English and Wright Museum of Art.


CANCELED: Spring Day Field Trip to Aldo Leopold Foundation and Devil’s Lake

Interested in careers in green architecture, natural resource management, environmental education, non-profits, or just looking forward to meeting fellow environmental studies majors and minors?


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