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JT Toepfer’23 wears his trusty Dodgers cap to celebrate his mentor, announcer Joe Davis’10. 

Pursuing a passion for broadcasting

JT Toepfer’23 is quickly becoming the voice of Beloit. As a sports play-by-play announcer, showrunner, and writer for TV, radio, and print on campus, JT hopes to improve his craft and draw from the successful career of pro baseball broadcaster Joe Davis’10.


Career Accelerator 2022

The second annual Career Accelerator is here!

The St. Paul Gophers, shown in 1909, preceded what were called the “Negro Leagues” by about a decade. They and other Black barnstorming teams played at an undeniably high level but in the shadow of the white major leagues.

Negro Leagues are Included in MLB History

John Thorn’68 makes his mark as Major League Baseball’s official historian.

Grace Holdinghaus’14

A Career as a Game Designer

Beloit alum Grace Holdinghaus’14 creates other worlds as a game designer for Fantasy Flight Games.

Tyree Smith’18

Beloit Alum Launches Career as TV Sports Anchor and Reporter

Tyree Smith’19 began his career weeks after graduating from Beloit. He is currently a sports anchor and reporter at ABC 10, WKUP/WBKP in Marquette, Michigan. While at Beloit, he played varsity football, ran track, wrote for the Round Table, Beloit’s student newspaper, and interned at Fox Sports in Los Angeles, California.

A group of student athletes gather around Kathy Selck ’98, Hall of Honor member.

Student athletes connect with alumni

93 student athletes turned out to make connections with alumni athletes during Homecoming.

Aaron Nesser’11, designer, biologist and founding member of AlgiKnit, strives to combat the excessive materialism of the fashion industry and creates products that are stylish, functional and environmentally friendly.

Innovator in the athletic shoe industry

If Aaron Nesser’11 has his way, your next pair of tennis shoes won’t last thousands of years in a landfill.