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Multiple majors lead to exciting and active careers.

Are you passionate about sports? Do you want to help others find their potential? Maybe you’ve considered working for an athletic team, becoming a coach or a fitness professional, or pursuing a career in the outdoors. If these types of careers interest you, the Sports, Fitness, and Recreation Channel will help you explore these possibilities.

Faculty, staff, and alumni from across the college and around the world will be your mentors to help you take advantage of on-campus activities and off-campus opportunities, internships, and events that relate directly to the business of sports, fitness, and recreation. You will explore possibilities, build skills, and prepare for an exciting career.

This channel is for you if

  • You know sports, fitness, or recreation are important parts of your life, but you are not sure how to turn your passion into a career
  • You are motivated by helping other people realize their own potential
  • You recognize the importance of leadership and team-building in all areas of human endeavor
  • You enjoy organizing activities, groups, and games

Possible career paths

  • Sports and recreation management and promotion
  • Sports media (broadcasting and production)
  • Esports management and design
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Field and facility management
  • Coaching 
  • Athletic and personal training
Sports, Fitness, and Recreation

Your Mentors

Charles Westerberg
Charles Westerberg

Professor of Sociology, Charles is both an alum of the college and a former student athlete. He has worked with many Beloit graduates who have gone into careers in sports, fitness and recreation. If you are passionate about sports, fitness, or recreation and want to talk through some of the possibilities, Charles is there for you.

Get Involved

Contact channel coordinator Charles:


Dawn Williamson
Dawn Williamson

As Beloit’s Director of Recreation and Activity, Dawn works with students interested in getting strength & conditioning and group fitness certifications. She can advise students on careers in collegiate coaching, athletic recruiting, and fitness. Dawn has also served as Head Volleyball Coach at Beloit and at the University of Rochester, Assistant Volleyball Coach at Princeton, and spent years in athletic administration.

Get Involved

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Bob Elder

Bob is a Professor of Economics who teaches a course in Sports Economics every spring. An avid sports fan himself, Bob studies methods of sports rankings and produces weekly rankings of college basketball teams. Bob is the reigning champion for multiple Beloit College fantasy sports leagues.

Connor McKee
Connor McKee

Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Connor has coaching experience at every single collegiate level, in addition to youth coaching. He also works with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to connect current student athletes with the NCAA at the conference and national levels.

Athena Tate
Athena Tate

Technology Project Manager in Beloit’s Library & Information Technology Services, Athena is passionate about e-sports and advises the student e-sports club. She works with students to manage the Beloit College Discord server. She loves helping students solve problems and explore career options.

Pursuing a passion for broadcasting
Student Experience

Pursuing a passion for broadcasting

JT Toepfer’23 is quickly becoming the voice of Beloit. As a sports play-by-play announcer, showrunner, and writer for TV, radio, and print on campus, JT hopes to improve his craft and draw from the successful career of pro baseball broadcaster Joe Davis’10.
Animesh Adhikary’23 and Georgia Fanthorpe’23 pose in the Buccaneer Boathouse while standing on a standup paddle board and sitting in a kayak.

Summers in Beloit, a lot of fun mixed with a good bit of career preparation

Summer work, internships, and grad school prep…all while enjoying time on the water.


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