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Suggested Courses

Explore justice and rights through the lens of many different disciplines.



  • Criminal Justice (SOCI 256)
  • Social Stratification (SOCI 231)
  • Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (SOCI 216)
  • Social Movements (SOCI 235)
  • Women, Race, and Class (SOCI 221)

Religious Studies

  • Secularism and Fundamentalism (RLST 309)

Political Science

  • Race and Ethnicity in America (POLS 214)
  • Human Rights Seminar (POLS 262)
  • Women and Politics in Africa (POLS 250)
  • Politics of Mass Atrocities


  • History of U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy
  • Modern African History (HIST 250)
  • Native North America
  • Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Colonialism

  • Race and the American Environment (HIST 237)

Education and Youth Studies

  • Historical and Philosophical Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 102)
  • Socio-Cultural Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 164)
  • International and Comparative Perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 201)
  • Recent Special Topics Seminars include:
    • Accommodations and Assessment for Students with Dis/abilities
    • Immigrant Students and Educational Policy
    • Ecology, Development and Education

Critical Identity Studies

  • Black Lives Matter (CRIS 310)
  • Masculinities (CRIS 303)
  • Sex, Race, and Power (CRIS 165)
  • Thinking Queerly (CRIS 304)

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Community Transformation Lab


  • Gender and Culture
  • Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees
  • Anthropology of Whiteness (ANTH 302)
Summer Block course tackles social justice issues
Featured Course

Summer Block course tackles social justice issues

This summer’s intensive writing course, “Writing on Two Wheels,” focused student reflection and writing on Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement among other topics.

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