Beloit students interested in social justice and human rights can take advantage of a broad array of study abroad opportunities as well as local activities.

Rita Chang'18 and Melissa Pelkey'19 volunteered at the Stateline Literacy Council helping... Rita Chang'18 and Melissa Pelkey'19 volunteered at the Stateline Literacy Council helping adults prepare to take their citizenship exam.

Experience the world 

Students study in Argentina, Ecuador, England, France, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Scotland, Turkey, and other countries, and also participate in the American University’s Washington Semester Program and the Philadelphia Center.

  • Alex Villegas’19 studied in Morocco and France, and in between volunteered at a refugee camp in Greece. Now he plans for several years of professional work in preparation for doctoral studies.
  • Javid Ahmad’12 studied abroad in Belgium, earned a master’s at Yale, and is a senior fellow for the Atlantic Council, specializing in security, defense, and terrorism.
  • Oceana Gilliam honed her language skills during a year in Russia. Post-graduation, she’s studying public policy at UCLA.
  • While studying in Senegal, Claire Ramos interned with a health organization. Post-graduation, she is working for an organization in Chicago that works across immigrant communities to end gender violence as well as support victims of gender violence.
  • Amanda Lawnicki’14 studied war monuments and museums in the Balkans. Having earned joint masters’ degrees from Indiana University in Development and Democracy and in Russian, Central European, East European, and Eurasian Studies, she is serving as a Program Development Associate at Solution Tree.
  • Marcail Distante’16 tutored local children while studying in Ecuador. She then worked as a Housing Coach at the Mission Economic Development Agency in San Francisco.
  • Emily Verburg’12 went to Rwanda to study the genocide. After working at the Center for the Study of Social Policy and the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, she’s pursuing a masters’ degree in social work at the University of Chicago.
  • Grace Glover’18 studied community health in South Africa and is now a Connections Coordinator at Christ United Methodist Church in Rochester, MN.
  • Nissa Parker’18 interned with an environmental group while studying in Jordan. She works as a Regulatory Assistance Specialist for the Washington Department of Ecology.

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