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Working for social justice, equity, and change

What is your dream career?

Like Patrick Fraser’17, your path to a career might start with a first-year seminar on the U.S. war on terrorism, continue with an internship at Mothers at Risk in Brussels, Belgium, turn into winning a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Malaysia, then lead to working as a civil rights advocate at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Vermont. 

Or you might take your experience advocating for transgender rights on campus to the Iowa statehouse, fighting for healthcare equality like Tobias Gurl’12

Or your time at Beloit working at the nearby Winnebago County Public Defender’s Office might launch a legal career with the Bronx Defenders, serving low-income Bronx residents in criminal, civil, child welfare, and immigration cases, like Harvard-educated criminal defense lawyer Ruth Hamilton’07.

Chart your own path

With support from professors, staff, and alumni mentors, you can take advantage of all Beloit has to offer. Courses that spark your passions, resources found only at Beloit, and internships and study opportunities across the globe are your stepping stones.  

Your new professional network 

Beloit’s long-standing commitment to human rights and social justice provides students with a wide variety of alumni and friends across the world.  From embassies to the State Department to non-profits to grad programs, Beloiters around the world are here to guide and support you.  

Justice & Rights

Your Mentors

Dr. Sonya Maria Johnson (she/her/her’s)
Sonya Maria Johnson

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Critical Identity Studies,
Mouat Junior Professor of International Studies

Get Involved

Contact channel coordinator Dr. Johnson:


Daniel Brückenhaus
Daniel Brückenhaus

Daniel Brückenhaus studies how both prominent anti-colonial leaders and grass-roots members of anti-colonial movements used laughter as a form of resistance.

Michael Dango
Michael Dango

Michael Dango and his students examine contemporary art, media, and literature to see how people are developing frameworks for making sense of urgent political, social, and environmental questions.

Manger Professor of International Relations
Beth Dougherty

A political scientist with an international relations focus, human rights figure largely in Beth Dougherty’s research, teaching, and college service.

Learning about lobbying

Learning about lobbying

Five Beloiters recently traveled to the nation’s capital to learn more about lobbying for immigration rights. Funded through the Weissberg Program in Human Rights and Social Justice, the trip showed the students how young people can advocate for lasting change.

Prof. Ron Watson

Professor recognized for excellence in teaching

The student body nominated political science professor, health and society mentor, and community advocate Ron Watson for Beloit College’s highest teaching honor. Watson he creates classroom environments in which all students feel safe discussing sensitive and potentially divisive topics.

MJ Strawbridge

Hot off the press: Voter fraud and diversity research

MJ Strawbridge’19 and his coauthor investigate the relationship between growing ethnic diversity in some districts and claims of voter fraud.


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