Suggested Courses

Beyond fulfilling any requirements you need for medical, dental, or pharmacy school, or a specific graduate program, Beloit offers courses that explore health and healing through different disciplines.


  • Medical Anthropology (ANTH 262)
  • Forensic Anthropology (ANTH 321)
  • Anthropology of Sex and Reproduction (ANTH 323)

Biology and Chemistry

  • Microbes to Molecules: Antibiotic Discover (BIOL/CHEM 360)

Critical Identity Studies

  • Masculinities (CRIS 303)
  • Men’s Health (CRIS 236)
  • Women’s Health (CRIS 252)

Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

  • Ancient Medicine (GLAM 215)



  • Biomedical Ethics (PHIL 221)

Religious Studies

  • Healing and Religion

Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics

  • Physiological Foundations of Athletic Coaching (PEC 308)

Political Science

  • Comparative Health Systems (POLS 230)
  • US Health Policy and Politics (POLS 212)


  • Child Growth and Development (PSYC 215)
  • Psychology of Women (PSYC 225)


  • Health, Medical Care and Society (SOCI 275)


  • Health and Culture in the Spanish Speaking World (SPAN 218) 

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