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Healing individuals, your community, and the world

What is your dream career?

Do you want to treat people, as a medical doctor, nurse, psychologist, occupational therapist, or certified nurse-midwife? Or perhaps your sights are set on doing research, advancing medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific knowledge and practice.

Do you seek to make a difference in your community, as a social worker, counselor, health and wellness coordinator, health advocate, or abuse prevention specialist? Or educate others about health, helping to reduce teen pregnancy or STI rates?

Maybe you want an international career improving health overseas, working in the Peace Corps, monitoring HIV rates, or building health clinic capacity.  

We help you prepare for your future

You get personalized support for a successful transition to medical and other professional schools from the faculty and staff members of the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

From advice on what classes to take to prepare you for an advanced degree to help finding internships with local healthcare providers, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Health & Healing

Your Mentors

Laura E. Parmentier

Laura advises current students about health careers, links current students with alumni in health careers, and teaches courses related to medicine and health.

Tara M. Girard RN, BSN
Tara M Girard

As a registered nurse, Tara advises students about nursing careers.

Kate Johnston
Katherine Johnston

Kate Johnston encourages students to consider the ways that inequities in the past influence our present and future.

Kristin Labby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kristin Labby

Kristin works closely with chemistry and biochemistry students interested in applying their skills to medicine, art, and museums. She also advises students interested in health professions.

Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia Lopez

Sylvia works with students interested in developing and putting their Spanish and intercultural skills into practice in various settings, including medical and health related fields.

Eleanor Waddle

Ellie works with prospective students, current students, and alumni to create connections that promote readiness for physical and mental wellness careers after Beloit.

Ron Watson, Ph.D.
Ron Watson

Ron works closely with students interested in working in public health and other community-based health promotion work.

Infection Prevention: COVID-19 and beyond
Alumni in action

Infection Prevention: COVID-19 and beyond

Larkin Miers ’17 describes how Beloit prepared her for her current role as an Infection Preventionist
The Student Army Training Corps’ unit band poses in front of the World Affairs Center. As many as 1,400 student soldiers were in residence at Beloit when the worst of the pandemic hit campus in 1918.

We’ve Been Here Before: the 1918 Pandemic

Student research into the 1918 pandemic leads to a career in public health for Rachel Berzon’08.

Tyrel Spivey’24 plans to major in biology and looks forward to playing football once Covid restrictions lift.

New people and new opportunities,

New to Beloit College, Fort Lauderdale native Tyrel Spivey is wasting no time in learning about opportunities in health professions.


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