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Health & Healing

Heal People. Make a Difference. Understand Bodies. 

This channel is for you if…

  • You see yourself treating people, as a medical doctor, nurse and nurse practitioner, psychologist, occupational therapist, and certified nurse-midwife.
  • You aspire to do research, advancing medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific knowledge and practice.
  • You believe in making a difference in communities, as social workers, counselors, and health & wellness coordinators, and abuse prevention specialists.
  • You envision improving health overseas, working in the Peace Corps, monitoring HIV rates, and building the capacity of health clinics.
  • You imagine educating others about health, such as helping reduce teen pregnancy and STI rates.

Featured Resource

Get personalized support for a successful transition to medical school and other professional schools from the faculty and staff members of the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

  • Clear direction about what classes you should take to prepare for admission to health profession training programs and how and when to prepare for admission exams
  • Writing and submission of a detailed HPAC committee letter in support of your application to prospective training programs
  • Coordination of non-classroom experiences with local healthcare providers, alumni and the Beloit pre-health student club to ensure that you are a competitive applicant.

Health & Healing Opportunities

Student Work

Seva Poitevin-Mills ’21 pictured above in Ghana.

Practicing and Learning about Public Health in Ghana

Seva Poitevin-Mills ’21 discusses the intersections of practicing and learning about public health in Ghana.

   Mustafa Quadir’20

Unexpected Interests

Mustafa Quadir’20 discovered a passion for anthropology at Beloit, and with help from faculty, he crafted a way to weave that passion with his research interests and plans to study medicine. 

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20

Caring for Diverse Populations

Guadalupe Orbezo-Perez’20 aspires to be a clinical psychologist, adding “I am trilingual and we need clinicians who can care for diverse populations.”


After Beloit

Simone Harstead at a women’s health clinic in Nicaragua.

Working to empower women

Simone Harstead ’16 pulls together experiences and internships at Beloit into a career empowering women.


Public Health Go-Getter

Amanda Mehl ’06 has translated her Beloit College study abroad and internship experiences into leadership in public health.

Marist Professor Tommy Zurhellen prepares for his walk across America for VetZero.

Tom Zurhellen Walked All the Way Across America

After Tom Zurhellen’91 discovered disturbingly high rates of suicide and homelessness among veterans, he set out to walk some 3,000 miles to try to turn the situation around.




Saint Anthony College of Nursing Virtual Recruiting


Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science Health Professions Virtual Recruiting


Saint Anthony College of Nursing Virtual Recruiting


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