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Steward and share human stories and connections

What is your dream career?

Maybe you’re a history buff and would like to find ways to interpret the past and present by working as a museum curator, archivist, or as a public historian.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting to turn your passion for writing, marketing, and web design into a sustainable career.

Or you want to engage diverse communities fostering civic, social, and cultural dialogue, through fundraising for a local non-profit organization.

Chart your own path

Faculty and staff, fellow students, and alumni are all eager to support you as you explore the Logan Museum of Anthropology, the Wright Museum of Art, and the College Archives and begin to tell stories about the items you uncover there. In your courses, your on-campus work, and the internship opportunities you pursue, you will learn about organizing documents, artifacts, data and how to make the knowledge you gain accessible and engaging to a wider public.

We connect you with opportunities

Study off-campus and intern at world-renowned research and cultural institutions including the Newberry Library and the Field Museum in Chicago, and museums and libraries connected with The Philadelphia Center. Or experience a behind-the-scenes tour at one of these sites through the college’s annual Career Trek.

Study abroad worldwide to engage with galleries, museums, and archives. Enroll in curating courses, take an arts management course, or learn conservation techniques at partner institutions while still receiving Beloit College support and advising.

Internships and campus jobs introduce you to the history of Beloit and surrounding communities, while providing hands-on experience with collections management, exhibit design, and other aspects of cultural heritage work.

Through their connections to cultural institutions in Beloit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison, Channels mentors can guide you to internship and career opportunities in the Midwest  and beyond.

Curating & Communicating

Your Mentors

Ellen E. Joyce
Ellen E. Joyce

Ellen teaches the history of medieval manuscripts and archival documents; she introduces students to designing web-based exhibits and using digital tools for research and for sharing information about the past.

Get Involved

Contact channel coordinator Ellen:


Nicolette Blum Meister

Nicolette empowers students and professionals with knowledge and skills through teaching and directorship of the Logan Museum of Anthropology and Center for Collections Care.

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Contact channel coordinator Nicolette:


Manuel Ferreira

Manuel is an exhibit developer and collections curator who provides opportunities for students and faculty to disrupt colonial legacies in museums.

Susan Furukawa
Susan Westhafer Furukawa

Susan Furukawa works with students to understand how the narratives people create are subject to cultural, historical, and sociopolitical influences. Furukawa-sensei and her students examine the ways in which language and stories are often used to curate our understanding of the environment and the world.

Kristin Labby, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kristin Labby

Kristin works closely with chemistry and biochemistry students interested in applying their skills to medicine, art, and museums. She also advises students interested in health professions.

Donna Oliver
Donna Oliver

As a collector of pre-revolutionary Russian postcards, she is especially interested in questions of value, the commodification of culture, the fetishization of objects, and the psychology of collecting itself. Donna teaches students Russian literature and culture.

Christa Story
Christa Story

As Curator at the Wright Museum and as an Art History Instructor, Christa Story provides hands on experience to emerging museum professionals and encourages students to think critically about art history and museum practice in the past, present, and future.

Leslie Lea Williams

Leslie is an archaeologist who helps students understand the past through data literacy, analysis, and visualization.

Daniel Youd, Professor of Chinese, Modern Languages & Literatures.
Daniel Michael Youd

With research interests in Chinese literature, comparative literature, translation studies, and the digital humanities, Daniel works with students to understand how language, translation, and literature build the worlds we inhabit. He also helps students explore how we use language as a tool to curate experience.

Beloit experiences lead to a career as a curator
Alumni in Action

Beloit experiences lead to a career as a curator

Kurt Sundstrom’87 arrived at Beloit thinking he might pursue medicine. He left devoted to the humanities, which helps explain his role today as Senior Curator at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.
Julia Heney’10

Living the writer’s life

Julia Heney’10 knew she wanted to write when she came to Beloit. She found the encouragement and opportunities she needed to realize her dream.

María Aschenbrener’21 explores her new city with new friends.

Vested in art, education, and community

Washington, D.C., native María Aschenbrener’21 has been an artist for much of her life, focusing on ceramics and fabric art during her time at Beloit. Just a few months after completing her 9th semester, she landed a dream job at the Denver Art Museum. Her passions for art and community grew at Beloit and have made the Denver art scene feel like home.


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