Campus Activities

Get hands-on experience. Learn from outside experts. Gain leadership and management skills.

Check out the recording studio in Beloit's Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) where students... Check out the recording studio in Beloit's Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB) where students can learn technical and professional skills needed to produce great audio.

Student organizations  

  • Belmark Associates: Do real market research and lead a consulting firm serving real business clients.
  • Beloit Investment Club: Join this student-run club that manages a portfolio of $10,000.
  • WBCR 90.3FM Radio Station: Students operate both an online and FM radio station that must balance student freedom on the airwaves with strict adherence to government law.
  • Beloit Independent Theatre Experience (BITE) facilitates student productions that allow for creative expression outside the classroom, foster theatre awareness, participation, and opportunities within the Beloit College community and beyond.
  • MakerLab is a DIY space where students create and invent new things with 3D printers, software, electronics, craft, hardware supplies, and all kinds of tools.
  • Round Table (Newspaper) is a news source operating with an editorial board, a staff of writers, and a body of contributors that fluctuates on a weekly basis.
  • Gallery ABBA: Students sell their art, curate shows, and manage the business side of this open-to-the-public art gallery in downtown Beloit.

Professional support and guidance

  • Miller Upton Program: A week-long residency—marked by panel discussions and a keynote address—with a public intellectual whose distinguished work and influential ideas focus on the wealth and well-being of nations. Want to be in a room with a Nobel laureate? In this residency, students don’t just attend lectures. They discuss cutting-edge topics with global experts, network with leaders in the field, and hone their research skills in a special senior seminar built around the ideas and research of the Upton Scholar that year. Students in the class produce original work inspired by these preeminent thinkers and then meet them during the week long residency.
  • Econ Day: In this long-running annual event, students and professors spend a day in Chicago, visiting a specific business or workplace and then attending a major networking event with alumni. Students get career advice, learn about internship and job opportunities, and make connections. 

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