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Business & Entrepreneurship

Solve Problems. Market Ideas. Build Businesses.

Student learns how to work with the 3D printer in CELEB.

This channel is for you if…

  • You want to start or run your own firm or organization in the for-profit or nonprofit world.
  • You envision being self-employed or freelancing in the arts or in the creative sector. 
  • You plan to join the business world and enter careers such as consulting, finance, accounting, marketing, market research, etc.

Featured Resources

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) is dedicated to student ventures and open to all students, regardless of major or prior experience.

  1. Show your artwork in the student-run public ABBA Art Gallery.
  2. Imagine, design, and create things in the Maker Lab.
  3. Create music in the Maple Tree Recording Studio.
  4. Do market research with the student-run Belmark Associates.
  5. Start your own business in the Entrepreneurship Lab
  6. Run the WISE Philanthropic Foundation promoting social excellence.

The Beloit Executive in Residence program offers a unique opportunity for Beloit students to get professional mentorship from alumnus/a with extensive business and entrepreneurship experience. 

Business & Entrepreneurship Opportunities 

Student Work

Matt Laszlo and Brian Morello giving advice on resumes to students.

Better Resumes for Your Next Internship/Job Application

A great resume is key for success in finding summer internships and jobs. 

Garrett Cornelius Moore, Kelly Elizabeth McLean, and Beryl Sibyl Odonkor sharing their networking experiences.

Advice From the Wise Networkers

Not knowing an effective way to create a wider network for internships and jobs? Ask the seniors!

Greg Hopper ’80 giving a talk on Investing Strategy to Investment Club members and econ majors and faculty at Beloit College, Feb 6th. 2020

Being an Investor While in College, Why Not?

Mashfik Siddique ’20 and Saugat Pandey ’21 found a place for students to become investors while still in college.


After Beloit

Karla Figueroa ’13

Consulting: A Simple Tip in Pursuing a Professional Career

Karla Figueroa ’13 got herself fully prepared for job interviews with an unexpectedly simple tool.


Marketing: Keys to Entry-level Success

Hear from three successful alumni to learn what it takes to break into marketing with a liberal arts degree.

Ed Stern’19 in class at Beloit College

Beloit alum draws on language skills and abroad experience for international job

Ed Stern’19 shares how his experiences at Beloit, including a Center for Language Studies summer block course, and studying abroad in Japan, have prepared him for his current job as a sales representative for a Japanese company.




Media studies and Business - Talk with alumnus Anthony Crivello

How do media studies and business come together? Anthony Crivello (’14) talks about his career path and what he does as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Generac Power Systems. Plus, Brian Morello will share updates on media studies at Beloit College.


Navigating Unconventional Channels: The Liberal Arts as Your Compass

Alumni panel focusing on unconventional career stories, featuring: Jennifer Vogl ’98, Mark Wold ’95, and Bjorn Munson ’96.


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