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Business careers span every industry

What is your dream career?

Will you start or run your own firm or organization in the for-profit or nonprofit world? Or be self-employed or freelancing in the arts or in the creative sector? 

Maybe you’ll start off in a position at an established firm working in consulting, finance, accounting, marketing, public relations, or sales, and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Chart your own path

Start at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB). A hub for student ventures, it houses creative resources like the Maker Lab, Maple Tree Recording Studio, and our student-run public Art Gallery, ABBA. It fosters new businesses through the Entrepreneurship Lab and supports students working with real clients through the student-run Belmark Associates market research firm.

Interested in non-profit foundations? Join the WISE Philanthropic Foundation promoting the social good.

Your new professional network

Beloit’s global network of alumni and friends is now at your fingertips. From hosting highly accomplished guest speakers who guide students interested in their line of work to the Beloit Executive in Residence program that provides professional mentorship from an alum with extensive business and entrepreneurship experience, Beloit paves your way into the world of entrepreneurship and business. 

Business & Entrepreneurship

Your Mentors

Matt Laszlo

As the Beloit Executive in Residence, Matt works closely with students to prepare for meaningful, successful, and empathetic careers in business.

Laura Grube

Professor Grube organizes the annual “Econ Day”, a career development opportunity where students can interact and network with alumni.

Brian Morello

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB), Morello helps students start and run businesses.

Diep Phan

Professor Phan mentors many students in their pursuit of careers in business, be it marketing, consulting, finance, or accounting.

George Williams, Jr. Studio Art
George Williams

Professor Williams is a working artist who is committed to teaching students the Business of Art alongside traditional and new media techniques.

In the room with a Nobel Laureate
Unparalleled Experiences

In the room with a Nobel Laureate

Shivangi Ambardar ’21 recounts her experience participating in the Miller Upton Forum, first attending keynotes then as a student in the senior capstone seminar with Dr. James Heckman, the 2019 Upton Scholar.
Stefan Catoiu (’07), Co-Founder of Vita Mojo

An Informational Interview with Food-tech Company Co-Founder Stefan Catoiu (’07)

Stefan Catoiu’07 is a Co-Founder of Vita Mojo, a restaurant, and food-technology company.

Lea Krohn (’05)

Accelerate your search with a strong resume and LinkedIn profile

Two alumni offer resume and LinkedIn advice


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