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Student learns how to work with the 3D printer in CELEB.

This channel is for you if…

  • You want to start or run your own firm or organization in the for-profit or nonprofit world.
  • You envision being self-employed or freelancing in the arts or in the creative sector. 
  • You plan to join the business world and enter careers such as consulting, finance, accounting, marketing, market research, etc.

Featured Resource

The Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit (CELEB) is dedicated to student ventures and open to all students, regardless of major or prior experience.

  1. Show your artwork in the student-run public ABBA Art Gallery.
  2. Imagine, design, and create things in the Maker Lab.
  3. Create music in the Maple Tree Recording Studio.
  4. Do market research with the student-run Belmark Associates.
  5. Start your own business in the Entrepreneurship Lab
  6. Run the WISE Philanthropic Foundation promoting social excellence.

Business & Entrepreneurship Opportunities 

Student Work

Gjergj Ndoci’20 became a finance and marketing intern at Blackhawk Transportation.

Summer of Number Crunching and Making Connections

For Gjergj Ndoci’20, a summer 2019 internship at Blackhawk Transportation was about finance and much more.


After Beloit

Marketing: The Joy of Communications

Thu Pham ’12 enjoys having a positive impact on the public in her role as a Public Relations Communications Director


Accounting: Interesting Facts of the Tax Field

Raymond Thomas ’13 proved that mastering in tax can be more interesting than you think it is.


Finance: Responsibilities of a Product Developer

A day in the life of Madeline Carpenter ’14, a Product Development Manager


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