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Suggested Courses

Explore courses in visual and performing arts, creative writing, and media studies.  

Studio Art

  • Figure Drawing (ART 135)
  • Etching (ART 200)
  • Screen Printing (ART 201)
  • Graphic Design: Commercial Design and Exploration (ART 325)
  • Relief Printmaking (ART 202)

Creative Writing


  • All levels of Dance Technique classes
  • Contact Improvisation (THDA 342)
  • Choreography (THDA 242)
  • Dance Entrepreneurship (THDA 246)
  • Dance History (THDA 237)
  • Dance Kinesiology (IDST 380)

Media Studies

  • Introductory and advanced practicum in broadcast production (MDST 300 and 301)
  • Directing Fiction Film (MDST 351)
  • The Video Essay (MDST 251)


  • InterArts Ensemble (MUSI 076)
  • Musical ensembles
  • Intro to Recording and Editing Techniques (MUSI 260)
  • Music Theory in Practice (MUSI 270)
  • Music Composition (MUSI 251)
  • Music, Sound, and Theory (MUSI 170)
  • Music Cultures of the World (MUSI 160)


  • Tech and Design (THDA 112)
  • Costume Techniques (THDA 114)
  • Scenic Design (THDA 227) Lighting Design (THDA 228) and Costume Design (THDA 349) 
  • History of Fashion (THDA 348)
  • Acting (THDA 106) and Directing (THDA 310)
  • Professional Development Seminar (THDA 360)
Art, Nature, and the Anthropocene
Featured Course

Art, Nature, and the Anthropocene

How should humans relate to their environment? Are we a part of “nature”? These questions are urgent today, as we face the effects of climate change shaped by human actions. In Tamara Ketabgian’s English and Environmental Studies class, Green Romanticism, students curated a new virtual exhibit showing we are far from the first to explore these issues.


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