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Careers in the arts take many forms

What is your dream career?

From performing to creating to writing to broadcasting and much more, arts opportunities span an array of fields.

Will you turn your passion for art history into advocating for arts accessibility like Claire Aichholzer’15?  

Or maybe you will become a New York Times best-selling author after double majoring in creative writing and acting like Madeline Roux’08.

Perhaps you’ll continue to perform on stage while exploring how theatre can be used as a therapeutic tool like Alice Gehrke’16.

Chart your own path

Faculty mentors, alumni, and fellow students help you expand your creative practice. Through courseworkstudent groups, work experience, and other opportunities, you learn to tell stories via your preferred medium and then take those skills into any career you pursue.


Your Mentors

Alicia Bailey
Alicia Bailey

Alicia works with students in the scene shop to help bring shows to life. Students not only learn practical skills necessary for technical theatre, but also how to be more sustainable in the work they’re doing.

Scott Espeseth Studio Art
Scott Espeseth

Scott Espeseth advises students in pursuing opportunities in the visual arts, including exhibitions, internships, and graduate studies.

At Crooked Lake
Christopher Fink

Chris advises students in creative writing, especially fiction writing and nature writing. Chris also help students pursue publishing and literary editing opportunities.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

As director of the dance program, Chris works with students on dance performance and choreography as well as somatics and kinesiology.

Amy L. Sarno
Amy L. Sarno

Amy Sarno is a director/deviser interested in the impacts theatre has on social change. Most recently her work has focused on verbatim and documentary performance. Sarno enjoys mentoring student projects that create dialogue in the community.

Gina T’ai
Gina T’ai

Gina prepares students for careers in the arts by helping them build skills in performance, arts administration, and entrepreneurship.

Shelbi Wilkin
Shelbi Wilkin

Shelbi mentors students in theatre design and technology specializing in costume design, cultural representation onstage, fashion history, and sustainable fashion practices.

George Williams, Jr. Studio Art
George Williams

Professor Williams is a working artist who is committed to teaching students the Business of Art alongside traditional and new media techniques.

Yvonne Wu
Yiheng Yvonne Wu

Yvonne Wu guides musicians and collaborative artists across disciplines to experiment, structure their creative processes, and realize ambitious projects.

A Beloit foundation for a career in surgical technology
College to Career

A Beloit foundation for a career in surgical technology

Newly minted chemical engineer Kaela Evans’19 is passionate about using what she learned at Beloit to do good in the world.
Making Music in the Powerhouse Stairwell

The Music of Ambiguous Space

InterArts ensemble students collaborate creatively.

Hardika Kashyap’22, wearing her winning t-shirt design for English students

Designing inspiring literary ‘swag’

When the English Department announced its t-shirt contest during the COVID pandemic, Hardika Kashyap’22 decided to give it a try.


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