CELEB: 2015 New Venture Night

2015 New Venture Night

New Venture Night 2015
Friday, August 28th 6PM - Midnight

About the event:

Our event is 6 hours long and designed for all comers. It is suitable for anyone with a venture idea they'd like to explore, be it a service or product, on-campus or off, with or without a team. In addition to designing a web or mobile application, students have started a bike rental business, travel magazine, smoothie company, dance troupe, and a vintage clothing store. In fact, you don't even need a fully-formed idea. The process throughout the evening will help you get there.

What you can expect:

Collaborating with other students and working with a group of advisers, you will spend the evening exploring your talents and interests and identifying means to translate them into a real venture. The principles you'll learn and coaching you'll receive over the course of the evening will provide you with a framework to launch your own student-led venture, immediately! And, those who wish will be able to register for the Entrepreneur Practicum, a ½ credit course that assists students throughout the semester with their venture. You can also expect a lot of fun, pizza, and a very cool CELEB t-shirt designed by Mattea Wallace '17.

Who should attend:

Space is limited to 30 participants. Any Beloit College student who wants to pursue activities of their own design and create a venture should attend. Interest in the DYI and Maker culture are a common point of entry. Those who have an idea for a venture are ideal; however, others who have a strong desire to go through the process of the discovery framework are also very welcome.

To register for the event, please fill out this registration form.

Workshop Leaders:

Brian Morello, Director of CELEB

Jerry Gustafson, Professor Emeritus and Founder of CELEB

Meghan M.M. Trimm, Program Coordinator of CELEB"